Sonja Morgan Calls Out Kristen and Heather: “I Do Not Believe That Heather is Nurturing and Caring”

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After another episode of Bethenny versus a Housewife, “Real Housewives of New York star, Sonja Morgan is speaking her mind! Lady Morgan has managed to stay on the dramatic sidelines, but is never timid about adding her two cents about the casts’ dysfunctional rollercoaster ride.

Sonja has taken to her Bravo blog to weigh in on the argument between Kristen and Bethenny. In addition, she calls out both Kristen and Heather for “forcing” the drama,

“That AOA party is just another example of Heather and Kristen being dramatic. Why does everyone feel like they need to clear everything with Bethenny? Kristen and Heather aren’t even friends with her, so why are they so invested in her opinion? That dynamic seems very forced to me.”

Sonja goes on to further blast Heather for being a “bossypants” who feels the need to control everyone around her.

“I understand what Bethenny is saying when she says that she wants to have a wall up. She’s protecting herself. She doesn’t want to feel like she’s seeing a shrink whenever she’s with Heather! She has a shrink! I honestly do not believe that Heather is nurturing and caring. I certainly haven’t seen that side of her. I’ve only seen a bossypants who feels the need to control everyone around her and drag them down with accusatory statements so that you finally give up and just yes her.”

The RHONY star addresses Bethenny’s branding summit. While she’s appreciative of the invitation, she now feels torn, sensing some shade from Bethenny.

“I’m very torn about the branding summit I attended with Bethenny. On the one hand, I really do think that Bethenny is coming from a good place and that she is trying to help me, but her delivery is tough! She makes it sound like I’ve never been in a business meeting before. I’ve been in conference rooms my whole life! It’s like these women all think I became successful by just snapping my fingers and hoping good things will happen.”

Sonja continues by asserting her strong work ethic and bright financial outlook with her Chapter 11 bankruptcy coming to a close.

“Well guess what, ladies?! Money doesn’t grow on trees, and it took a lot of tenacity and a good work ethic for me to build everything and everyone in my life right now! I look forward to the next chapter in my life now that I have cleared the woods of the movie lawsuit and the subsequent Chapter 11.”


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