Kristen Taekman: “I Am So Over Ramona and Her Opinions”

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The Real Housewives of New York” star, Kristen Taekman, continues to struggle to fit in with her Bravo reality peers. The model/mommy Housewife took to her blog, to plead her case, and share her thoughts about the ongoing scrapping with the Queen “B,” Bethenny Frankel.

“Carole had just told me that Bethenny said I was stupid and that I didn’t own the trademark to Pop Of Color, so of course I wanted to speak with her and try and get a better understanding on why she would say that behind my back. I honestly wasn’t trying to be contentious with her. I just wanted to better understand if she did say those things why she said them as opposed to speaking to me about it. When I finally got her attention and pulled her to the side to ask her about it, she basically just dismissed me and walked away.”

Kristen addresses the scheduling issues that continue to arise, when working with Bethenny’s current life circumstances.

“Please keep in mind we are dealing with eight women’s schedules and, like Bethenny, both Heather and I also have small children. We need to do quite a bit of scheduling in advance in order to get away, which we had already done and now if we are going to change it again for her schedule, we need to know right away. I wasn’t trying to be rude, I was just cutting right to the chase, so we could figure it out sooner or later, and that is why I asked her right away about it. It’s crazy how everyone has to walk around on egg shells with her.”

Ramona leaped to defend Bethenny and diss Kristen, and Kristen fires back, taking on Ramona’s assertion that she is not gelling with the other women.

“Ramona is always just out to get me. So because Bethenny is going through a divorce, I am not supposed to ask her about the trip? I should wait and hear about it later through the grapevine? NO! Ramona, you don’t make the rules. I do what I want, and she needs to back the F up. I am so over Ramona and her opinions. She walks right into Lu’s event and immediately criticizes and attacks me about NOTHING.”

“Ramona, you have a history with these women–years and years of friendships. I am an acquaintance of yours, just met Dorinda, and have talked to Bethenny once for maybe a minute or two. I’m the first to admit I do not fit into your little group. That is clearly obvious, and that is just fine with me. I know where my place is and Upper East Side and downtown are two different worlds, and I’m fine staying downtown with my family and friends. I understand we have nothing in common. I am still merely a MILF and not yet a cougar or, in your case, a panther. So back up and keep all your damn comments and negative energy to yourself, because I am so over your lack of respect.”

Will Kristen ever fit in?  Will the upcoming Turks and Caicos trip be what this struggling Housewife needs, to turn things with Bethenny and Ramona around?


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