Bethenny Frankel Knew Her Marriage Would End Bad! “I Was Making a Decision Out of Fear”

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Bravo audiences were swept away by the romance Bethenny Frankel once gushingly and endlessly described with her soon to be ex-husband, Jason Hoppy. She had found “the one,” she was “all in,” and with a baby-makes-three bun in the oven, and a business hitting stratospheric heights, “The Real Housewives of New York” star, indeed had it all. We watched spinoff portrayals of a blissfully happy couple, a dream wedding, and an adorable baby join the mix, before the marriage crashed and burned, sitting in the legal jumble it does today. Bethenny recently spoke at an event for NYU alumni, and revealed that while on the public romance and marriage rollercoaster, she knew that it would end the way it did. People Magazine printed a transcript of Frankel’s appearance, where she commented,

“I think my instinct and gut going into my marriage [knew] it would turn out the way it did,” she shared. “I could feel it, but I intellectualized it. People are always talking about ‘Do I go with my head or my heart?’ Go with your gut.”

She claims that she learned many lessons, like not to compare yourself to your friends, during the period in her life.

“…your friends are all getting married, your head gets involved, you love having sex with a person, that’s your heart [or something else] getting involved,” Bethenny said. “It’s all Andy Cohen‘s fault, he will admit it. And yes, that’s the point. That’s why I wrote the book I Suck at Relationships So You Don’t Have To – because I wasn’t making a decision out of truth, I was making a decision out of fear.”

Frankel also pointed her finger at Bravo’s spin-off offer as giving her a nudge into the marriage decision.

“Looking back on that, I don’t really believe in regret, and it was situation where they were giving me a show – a spin-off – and I was in a relationship and it kind of just became, ‘This is what’s going on in your life, and this is compelling,’ Bethenny shared. “It was hard for me to compartmentalize. But again, my gut did not like that we were doing a show together.”

How does she feel now about those spin-off opportunities that she was offered, and grabbed?

“My skin crawls thinking about it,” she says. “I just did not feel right about it, and I kept saying, ‘I don’t want to be the Tori [Spelling] and Dean [McDermott] show. Adding, “I don’t want to do this.’ And not because that’s a bad show but just because I just didn’t want to do that, and I didn’t go with my gut. It didn’t cause my divorce or anything, it’s just a whole new s—show that’s more of a s—show because of that.”

Bravo viewers were hoping for a happy ending, despite the voiced doubts of naysayers, such as her own mother, and even ‘Housewife’ pal, Ramona Singer. Bethenny sold us that her story with Jason was the real deal, true love, the fairy tale romance. Evidently, it was all a wide-eyed charade.


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