Vicki Gunvalson Dishes on Tamra Judge, #RHOC Drama and Her Boyfriend, Brooks Ayers

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Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

Monday night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Orange County” was chock full of emotions, including hand-holding with Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge. After the show, Vicki appeared on “Watch What Happens Live,” and dished with Andy Cohen on the power to forgive and the inappropriateness of a mock funeral.

Andy first spoke about Jeana Keough’s (who looked great, btw) cameo and if it bothered Vicki when Tamra said Jeana had been more of a friend during her custody battle. (Which is surprising because at the time Tamra accused Jeana of meddling).

Vicki said, “It didn’t bother me, But Jeana is definitely always in people’s business. So it was normal for her to be in the business when… it is what it is. Jeana was very helpful to Tamra and I wasn’t.”

So there you have it. Andy’s other guest, Jenny McCarthy, ex-View and Playboy Playmate, asked Vicki about the constant fighting with Tamra.   

“Because we film together! I love Tamra. We’re real, we’re together a lot, so you don’t want to be enemies, I mean we’re friends. I mean isn’t that what friends do? Forgive?”

The night was made more special with a collage of scenes with the OG of the OC spanning the ten years. Andy then asked Vicki how she’s changed since season 1.

“I feel like I’m happier now,” Vicki added. “It’s a crazy thing. I was really happy when I was raising my kids, but now all the choices are mine. I don’t have to worry about a husband, I don’t have to worry about kids… it’s my life now.”

Andy asked Vicki which former cast member she’d bring back and what her proudest moment was of the entire show. Vicki would bring back Jeana and her proudest moment was renewing her vows with ex, Donn, even though that didn’t work out. A viewer asked if things were better between daughter Briana and boyfriend Brooks, Vicki said they were not.

When Andy asked what Vicki thought of the Shannon and David Beador’s marriage counseling retreat, Vicki expressed what most viewers were thinking.

“I didn’t like it,” she said. “I wrote about it in my blog. Because my mom just died, so to see them both laying there and doing an eulogy to each other I felt like it was very inappropriate. I don’t ever want to pretend I’m dead and have them read over what they would say to me…. they’re not dead. I don’t think it was proper marriage counseling. It made me very uncomfortable.”

Vicki shared that she and Lauri Peterson are on good terms and had recently shared some fun yacht time together.

“I don’t like having conflict in my life,’ Vicki said. The final caller asked if Vicki thought the Beador’s marriage would last. “Only they know if they will last. How can I know? I hope they last, I encourage them to last.”


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