Vicki Gunvalson Opens up About Her Relationship with Tamra Judge and David Beador’s Affair

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The Real Housewives of Orange County” rolled on last night, and this season it only took until the second episode, to see Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge hold hands and make up. Vicki took to her blog to spill what was going on behind the scenes, during their seasonal separation. She begins by correcting Tamra’s assertion that she and Tamra had not spoken since Brooks’ cancer diagnosis.

“She initially found out from an interview Brooks and I did after he was re-diagnosed with his cancer in October 2014. Tamra and I ended up talking on the phone after that was online, and I told her I was sad and scared and was apprehensive on filming season 10 with Brooks being sick. I told her I “didn’t want to be Gretchen” and was reflecting back when she was filming with her fiancé Jeff who ended up dying while she was on RHOC. Tamra was very supportive on the call and said “he’ll be fine, you got this and if there was anything we needed to let her know.” Adding, “I did not speak to her and she hadn’t reached out to me to see how we were doing until we started filming season 10 which was months later.”

Vicki reveals her thoughts, during her phone call to Tamra from Mexico.

“When Tamra asked me how Brooks was doing, I told her he was having another round of chemo when we returned. I was SHOCKED to hear Eddie mockingly cough in his hand “bullsh!t. At that time, Eddie had not called Brooks in over 6 months, nor knew anything about his treatment, so for him to say that was very hurtful to Brooks. How would Eddie know if Brooks was having chemo or not?”

Vicki addresses her how latest reconciliation with Tamra unfolded.

“I didn’t know how Tamra and I were going to be when we first saw each other as it had been a long time. It’s so strange, because we work on the same street however we never see each other. I missed Tamra and had always caught up with what she was doing on social media but it wasn’t the same as seeing her. When we ended up holding hands during the piñata moment I knew somehow we were going to be OK.”

Vicki weighs in on David and Shannon’s marriage woes, their choice to televise the struggle, and her hopes for their recovery.

“I am proud of David and Shannon because the truth of the matter is, the odds are not in their favor. When one of the partners are unfaithful, it’s very difficult to overcome. It’s going to take a lot of work, but I feel they have what it takes to beat those odds.”

“When Shannon confided in me last year about what David was doing, I made a promise to her that I would not share that information with anyone and I kept that promise to her. I encouraged her, if she loved David and was able to forgive him, then FIGHT for their marriage and not give up. I told her ‘this is what divorce will look like’ and laid out to her how it would be for the girls and for her life.” 

The stage has officially been set for more Vicki and Tamra hijinks!  Haven’t we been here before?


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