More Embarrassment! Lizzie Rovsek Reveals She Knew David Beador Was Cheating on Shannon Beador

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Last week, Real Housewives of Orange County” star, Tamra Judge came forward to spill the tea that she knew David Beador was having an affair, now it’s Lizzie Rovsek’s turn! She’s also claiming she knew about David’s affair for months, Rovsek dishes to Radar,

“I knew there were some things going on.” Lizzie continues, “Shannon is a good friend of mine,” said Rovsek, 35. “We talk about things that are close to us and there are certain things that, when you a really good friends with someone, you keep to yourself.”

On the premiere episode of RHOC, a bomb was dropped regarding Shannon and David Beador’s marriage. It was revealed that David strayed away from the marriage, and the couple was trying to move forward, and fighting to get their marriage back on track. Shannon opened up in her Bravo blog, sharing how they came to a decision to film such a raw and challenging time in their lives.

“I suppose the first thing I should address is why my husband and I have chosen to show such personal and private information on television. The decision was not an easy one. But after much counseling and discussions with our children, we thought that we would tell our story with the hope that other couples who have faced similar heartbreak can repair and restore their marriage like David and I are doing.”

Tamra Judge also dished about the Beador’s rocky marriage including the fact that she knew David was having an affair.

“Last year I touched on issues that were being brought up with them. I knew about this last year. I knew that David was having an affair last year,” Tamra dished. “I think too many people knew about it and she was worried that it was going to come out. I think that it’s great of her and scary at the same time for her to share that with everybody. She could’ve easily brushed it under the rug and said, ‘Oh it’s a lie.’ But the truth of the matter is it’s very real.”

Rovsek is speaking out now because Shannon has already revealed the affair on national TV. The red head beauty explains why she kept the secret for so long, “You don’t go and talk about it to other people and you keep your mouth shut. Not everybody does that,” Rovsek disclosed.


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