RECAP: Married to Medicine “Putt Up or Shut Up” [Episode 2]

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It’s time for “Married to Medicine” and we are off. The episode begins with Quad waking up to her dogs and no husband. (Hope this is not foreshadowing Quad and Dr. G’s future.) Next we see Jackie doing her fitness training while Simone is busy at work talking to one of her patients, saying “I love my life, girl.” Toya is tending to her boys while Dr. Heavenly is up and running, taking care of her family (and daddy) #TeamDaddy. Dr. Heavenly is the Phaedra of Married to Medicine – she has jobssss, y’all – a Dentist, Relationship expert, author etc. etc. etc.

Simone is on the job! Getting her nose in a patient’s sex life (that’s her job right?) who is having a lot of sex. Simone says her va-jay jay must be tired and sore. (Hope the patient doesn’t watch the show.)

Next, Dr. Gregory coming home from work, “Honey, I’m home.” Quad-eisha slams him down. (I don’t know, I just don’t see any chemistry between them.) The baby topic comes up again and without a minute to spare, Miss Quad-eisha quickly changes the topic to Lisa Ni-snooze ‘treacherous, tacky’ background check, oh brother, lets just hope this storyline does not continue for the rest of the season. Quad insist that she wants to return the favor to Lisa Ni-snooze and dig up some dirt.

Next, Toya discusses her gigantic house at a restaurant with her husband saying that her house “is still a wreck.” (Its probably not furnished.) Then Eugene changes the topic to Dr. Simone outrageous behavior at the Halloween party where the ladies dressed like monsters and acted like monsters. Simone is also discussing the altercation at the Halloween party with her husband. Both husbands are friends and decided to sit the two ladies down and conduct an episode of Dr. Phil. Simone was hesitant but came to an agreement ONLY with a contract from her huzzzband. Cecil agrees to sign the witty-more contract. Toya also agrees to sit down to squash the mess. I hope this is not going to be a yelling competition for next year’s “Reality Award for Biggest Mouth”…Who am I kidding? Of course Simone is going to yell. It’s what she does.


Heavenly is back with the funny and sweet Alaura. Heavenly says Alaura is her favorite little girl/nine-year-old, but we all know she wants to say her favorite child. The opening scene of the episode was the first we have ever seen Heavenly’s son for such large portion.

Next is a scene from a “James Bond” movie starring Quad-eisha giving codes or whatever she is doing to a strange mysterious guy (called Walter) in a restaurant, both dressed in black. I gotta say Quad looks good now compared to season 1. Her Puppy Couture line must be selling. So Quad and the background check guy exchange words on how they will handle “Miss Lisa Nicole Cloud.” Quad wants to know everything, even if Lisa Ni-snooze mother’s elbows are ashy. She’s going for blood. The guy agrees to everything and will get the job done.

Married to Medicine_Quad_Wants_a_Background_Check

Here comes Jackie and her fitness shenanigans again with a fitness guy by her side named Al. Jackie goes over to Simone’s house with a siren advertising “Fit Is the New Hit.” Simone is going to support her but would rather die happy as we all must die from something one day. She drives over to the rented Harris Mansion where Toya storms out with her big butler, I mean husband, who could use some of Jackie’s fitness goods or services or whatever.

Married to Medicine

Now for a Lisa Ni-snooze scene. Lisa says she is writing checks (hope not another background check) and paying bills (hope not the bill to the person who did the background check). Ni-snooze and Darren brings up Quad’s upcoming background check, hoping Quad-eisha does not get anything. Darren says she might find his tax issues. Darren owes a hundred and something worth of taxes. WTF?! Don’t doctors get a lot of money and isn’t Lisa’s clothing line selling? Lisa Ni-snooze changes the conversation to Darren’s cheating that happened a million years ago, oh Lord, we got a mouth full of this last season Nicole, no more please. Darren leaves the room saying that’s old news which is so true.

Married to Medicine

Back to Jackie and her siren fitness alert thing. She’s now at her Season 2 enemy’s house – Dr. Heavenly who got into it when Jackie was ‘educating Miss Georgia Plus” on weight. Dr. Heavenly shows her support, but probably wishes she was inside with Alaura or daddy.

Married to Medicine

It’s now time for Simone versus Toya round infinity. Both ladies and their husband sit down as planned to dispose of their problems. Eugene asks what each of the ladies like about each other – there is a year long silence. Simone’s face looks like she wants to be at the hospital catching babies and making coins. These mean girls do not want to be here especially Mrs. Simone. Simone admits to calling Toya “dumb.” Toya is the Porsha of Married to Medicine.

Married to Medicine_Simone_Is_Through_With_Toya

Toya owns up to saying Simone is a bad mother. (Word to wise, never tell a mother she’s not a good mom, it might cause Grand Theft Auto: Atlanta or World War Medicine). Since Simone is not responding, Toya asks her husband Cecil. This get’s Simone’s panties in even more of a bind and she says she will talk to her husband in a corner. (Then what was the purpose of sitting together if you want to talk in a corner?)

Married to Medicine

Dr. Simone, without any further adieu, storms off with Cecil and the yelling begins saying she cannot talk to someone who has no sense. (Toya: Bye, Bitch!) Poor Cecil could not even keep up and the yelling gets even louder, “Don’t put me in situations that cause me to fail…I don’t need to give you a chance, it ain’t about it,” she continues, overreacting. Nothing got resolved but one thing was for sure, the award for Loudest Reality Star goes to Dr. Simone!

Married to Medicine

Guest blog by Marcus Bailey


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