VIDEO: Quad Webb-Lunceford Flips the Script and Hires a Private Investigator to Dig Up Dirt on Lisa Nicole

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Married to Medicine_Quad_Wants_a_Background_Check

The ladies of “Married to Medicine” return tonight for another round of background-check-gate.

In an exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s all-new episode, Quad Webb-Lunceford is still reeling over Lisa Nicole’s surprise background check so she flips the script and hires a private investigator to dig up dirt on Lisa Nicole and her husband Darren.

In last Sunday’s episode, Lisa Nicole explained that Quad is UPSET that she ran a background check on her. Lisa Nicole explained the background snooping as conducting “due diligence” before getting into business with a friend. Lisa revealed Quad has a messy background. What does Quad have in her 38-page background check that has her so defensive? We’ll soon find out.


Dr. Simone and Toya are at odds but unlike their wives, husbands Cecil and Eugene are determined to save their friendship by forcing an olive branch into Simone and Toya’s strained relationship.


Also in this episode, Dr. Jackie and her trainer Al ambush the girls with a surprise invite to join her latest fitness venture.


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