Divorced ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Leah Messer Dating Older Personal Trainer & Farrah Abraham Breaks Up With Boyfriend

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Leah Messer_Teen Mom

MTV romantic struggles are in the spotlight, as two post-teen moms navigate their love lives in the public eye. Leah Messer has moved on…again. “The Teen Mom 2 star had been divorced under a week, when reports began to surface that she has already jumped into a new relationship. Radar Online is reporting that Leah is dating her personal trainer, a former West Virginia Wesleyan football player, Theodore “T.R” Dues. 

Leah Messer_Teen Mom

An insider spills that the couple met this spring when he began training the country mom, and that the romance quickly turned serious.

“T.R. moved in with Leah and her parents after just a week of dating!” a source says.

The source asserts that Messer’s ex, Jeremy Calvert is furious that Dues has been introduced to the couple’s 2 year old daughter, Adalynn, without his permission. 

“When mutual friends told Jeremy about this new guy, he called Leah and flipped out for letting a stranger hang around Addie,” the source reveals. “Leah initially denied the relationship, saying that they’re not official, but then confessed that something’s going on.”

Messer’s 5 year old twins, Ali and Alleeah with her first husband, Corey Simms, have also met the new love interest, the source claims.

“Jeremy was the girls’ stepdad for most of their lives, so obviously he was upset about that, too,” an insider explains.

Messer has been in rehab for substance abuse and emotional problems for the last month, and can only communicate with her new boyfriend via email.  She has tweeted Dues several times since April.

Leah Messer_Teen Mom

A few days later, she promoted his sports training video.

Leah Messer_Teen Mom

According to his social media accounts, Dues has an eight year old son. Meanwhile Calvert has also moved on and is dating single mom, Brooke Wehr. How do all of these young parents find the time to date anyway?

In other Teen Mom news, “Teen Mom OG” star, Farrah Abraham has called it quits with her boyfriend, Simon Saran. The controversial mom announced the split on Twitter, interestingly under a week after the airing of the Teen Mom OG reunion. 

Farrah_Teen Mom OG

Saran was featured on the show, and interacted with the young mom’s daughter, Sophia. The nature of his interest was questioned by viewers, so presumably, the split comes as no surprise. 

Teen Mom 2” hits the airwaves in July, with Messer’s struggles taking center stage, and the split from Calvert playing out for the MTV audience.


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