Toya Bush-Harris Speaks Out! “I Will Not Allow Someone’s Ugliness to Steal My Joy”

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It’s about dang time! “Married to Medicine” season 3 is bacccck! Toya Bush-Harris is loving life, channeling Patti Labelle, and promising we will be “glued to the tube every Sunday night!” In her Bravo blog this week, Toya wrote,

“Your girl has come back, like Patti Labelle…with a new attitude: loving life, loving on my husband and kids, too blessed to be stressed, a new zip code with more square footage than a sister can decorate! However, Dr. Eugene is talking budget…What is that, a car rental place? LOL, but seriously, I am trying to keep the stress down at home and thank God for all my blessings.”

Girl is funny! Toya also has great advice when it comes to participating on a reality show, “Lighten up!” You aren’t running for office.

“No matter how much fun “Mrs. Bestie and Mr. Boo” had planned for the party, haters always try to show out. I don’t know if it is bitterness, anger, being stung by a hater bug, overworked, or not enough sex, but some people just can’t come out and have a good time. Background checks?! Is someone running for public office? Last time I checked we were just on a TV show, people. Lighten up! Yet, I will not allow someone’s ugliness to steal my joy, because on a whole, I was very happy to see my friends (some…catch the shade) and turn up, which we did.”

Yes, ma’am. We caught that shade. Toya has this to say about Season 3 on“Married to Medicine.”

“The ladies this season, as Mrs. Quad would say, are “very busy”: new businesses, career changes, and career additions. Truly “married to medicine” in some shape, form, or fashion. So my friends, I would suggest you get your seatbelt buckled tight and enjoy the ride through our crazy lives. Season 3 will be packing a punch! (Hmmm, I wonder if that would be literally, too?)”

We caught that shade, too! Welcome back, Toya!


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