Mama June Shannon Sued By Daughter Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell Over Honey Boo Boo Profits

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Mama June Shannon played a humble country bumpkin, raising a large family on TLC’s “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo but it appears that the reality mom doesn’t want to share what the family raked in from the hit show. Shannon scored big bucks from the program, which followed her life with her daughters, including little pageant darling, Alana Thompson

Recent legal documents reveal that Shannon’s daughter, Anna Shannon Cardwell is calling foul.  Cardwell is asserting that she was not paid what is rightfully owed to her, and her baby daughter Kaitlyn, and is now officially going after her piece of the pie. Documents outline that legal agreements were put in place that would typically allow Cardwell and her daughter a ten percent stake in any money brought in from the show. The document reads,

“Mrs. Shannon’s family appeared in at least 45 episodes that aired,” reads the lawsuit. “At least 35 of these episodes were hour episodes, which entitled Anna and Kaitlyn’s trusts to at least $65,625.00 each and at least ten of these episodes were half hour episodes, which entitled Anna and Kaitlyn’s trusts to at least $12,500.00 each.”

The show came to an abrupt end when it was uncovered that Mama June was cavorting with released convicted sex crime offender, Mark McDaniel, who had just completed a 10 year prison sentence for crimes against Cardwell. Twenty year old Cardwell confirmed that the molestation took place when she was eight years old.  Cardwell no longer lives with her mother. 

Cardwell is also entitled to money made by show related endorsement deals. The lawsuit states that on February 22, 2013,

“Mrs. Shannon and Anna signed Amendment 4 to the Access Agreement, which entitles Mrs. Shannon’s Family to two percent (2%) of all profits generated by” the publication of TLC Kitchen: 150 Timeless Recipes From Our Family to Yours.

The lawsuit claims that overall, “Anna is owed at least $201,857.49 plus interest and Kaitlyn is entitled to at least $99,555.49 plus interest,” clarifying that Shannon raked in millions, some of which is unaccounted for.

Will Anna recover what she and her daughter claim to have earned from the trashy reality romp on TLC?   


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