Does Bethenny Frankel Have Editing Control Over Her #RHONY Scenes?

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Bethenny Frankel’s return to “The Real Housewives of New York” this season has certainly been a hot topic. Many have speculated whether the Skinnygirl mogul has any control over editing her scenes since she’s BFF’s with Executive Producer, Andy Cohen.

Andy Cohen spills to the New York Post’s Page Six, “She has none,” Andy goes on to reveal, “As a matter of fact, she gets the episode when everyone else does. We send the Housewives the episodes the week before. She has absolutely no say.”

And the same goes for whether she looks extra fabulous or not. “I’ve said to [Bethenny] this season, ‘Oh, you’re not going to like x, y or z. You look like a beast!'” Andy reveals. “But she has nothing to do with editing, she has no knowledge of what’s going to be in the episodes, she has no warning.”

Previously, Bethenny discussed her big return to reality TV, sharing she’s making no apologies.

“I can be harsh and that’s part of who I am,” she adds. “It is what it is…I’m excited to be back at the show. I’m not really apologetic because I’m a good person. I have good friends. I’m having a great time. I’m glad I came back. The B is back.”

Bethenny was astounded by all the chatter surrounding her return to the show,

“I am back and there’s a lot of talk about me being back,” she shared with HuffPost Live. “And the B is back and for some reason I think it’s almost like I’m a person that’s passed away where everybody only remembers the good about me. So people are saying, ‘What happened? She’s so bitchy now and she lashed out.’ I was always a little bit bitchy. I mean I haven’t really changed that much.”


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