#RHOC Premiers Tonight – Catch Up With The Ladies of the OC!

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They’re baaaack! The one and only original franchise, “The Real Housewives of Orange County” returns tonight with a tenth season of trashy fun. Ten seasons…marriages, divorces, hissy fits, wine tosses, drunken ramblings, screeching, yelling, and boobs, boobs, and more boobs….ahhh the memories!  Bravo has given us a few sneak peek videos to get the audience amped up for the drama, and  update us on the women that give the OC that tacky Bravo flavor. 

Last season found Vicki Gunvalson attempting to stay neutral, as the queen OC bee navigated the gaggle of women. She and controversial love interest Brooks Ayers were on again, off again, and she was perpetually whining about her daughter Brianna, not being glued to her side.  It appears that her usual surgical tweaking went on during the off season, and Brooks has jumped to roomie status. Will this year bring “WOO HOOS” or “boo hoos” from Vicki?

Heather DuBrow was her usual high-brow, uppity self last season, but at least her snotty intellect added some dimension to the show.  She and her plastic surgeon husband Terry, are in the middle of building an OC Taj Mahal, after outgrowing their museum-like bajillion dollar mansion.  I actually liked their slummy rental house better!  What will this know-it-all, dying for a job actress be up to this season?

Tamra Judge got caught red-handed last season, spreading rumors and lying through her teeth to save face.  What else is new? Oh right…she became a grandma for the first time!  It appears that we we are still endlessly talking about her boobs, and she and Vicki experience more ups and downs in their perpetually struggling friendship.  Obviously, she will be vying for hottest grandma status this season. 

Shannon Beador spent last season struggling in her marriage, and fussing at people for talking about it. She and husband David are apparently still at televised odds, so evidently they don’t care if all of America knows about their messy marriage.  They drank like fish last season, in case anyone has forgotten that part. Could it be that their end of the season, initial marriage recovery had a lot to do with painted on rose-colored glasses?

Lizzie Rovsek was demoted to friend status this season, and Meghan King Edmonds has been plunked into the dramatic mix.  Tamra Judge refers to the rookie as a “mini-me,” which is indeed frightening!

I am recapping this sure to be messy season…so join me for some Orange County quasi-reality snarking, starting tomorrow! Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below:



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