Caitlyn Jenner’s Neighbors Have Had Enough! She’s Ruining Their Lives

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Bruce Jenner is in the middle of the biggest makeover of his life. Not only is his identity shifting from Bruce to Caitlyn, but he is totally revamping his Malibu home as well. Star Magazine (paper edition) is reporting that Jenner is carving a dune buggy track out of his 11 acre hilltop property, and according to an angry neighbor, putting lives at risk.

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“Bruce has no permits filed with the city. The whole thing is totally illegal,” Bruce’s neighbor tells Star, fuming about the noise and dust the new project has created. “Our hills and canyons are what Malibu so gorgeous, and Bruce is destroying them.”

The homeowner also points out that due to the California drought, construction vehicles pose a serious fire risk, in the dry landscape.

“He’s putting our homes and our safety in jeopardy,” explains the irate neighbor. “He’s very irresponsible to live near.”

The peeved resident says that he tried to come to a compromise with Bruce, but that the reality star was “rude, arrogant and apathetic,” so the neighborhood has resorted to alerting the authorities.


“We did receive a complaint about that address,” confirmed Kevin Petrowsky, an engineer with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. It remains unclear as to whether or not the department has taken any action.

Bruce Jenner's house in Malibu

Jenner was towing his dune buggy when he triggered a February car crash that left one victim dead. The tragic wreck and subsequent lawsuit evidently haven’t stopped Jenner from racing his ATV and his car around the winding canyon roads.

“Bruce drives like a maniac. He’s on his phone in his car and speeding in the dune buggy.” laments the concerned neighbor. “He’s going to hurt someone again if he doesn’t slow down.”

Jenner’s wealthy neighbors are determined to keep up the fight until he chooses to clean up his act, and his property.

“We just want our peaceful neighborhood back,” adds the homeowner. “But Bruce really doesn’t care who he upsets-he’s going to do what he wants to do.”


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