Sonja Morgan Feels Being Friends with Heather Thomson is a Trap and Heather Wants to Control Everyone!

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Sonja Morgan, star of “The Real Housewives of New York,” wasn’t in the Berkshires for the first part of the weekend. Thanks goodness for her Bravo blog this week so we can know her thoughts on the other ladies. Sometimes it’s the person who is not in the forest that can properly view the “emotional vampires” hanging in the trees.

“I’m glad I didn’t come to that dinner at The Red Lion. Sometime these girls are emotional vampires, and I get tired of having to lighten up the mood all the time. Ever since Atlantic City I have been taking a step back.”

Sonja shares the keys to success and that it’s more important to “bring the fun.”

“Positivity, visualization, and tenacity are the ultimate keys to success. I have learned that through my decades of hard work and experience, and it has really served me well. Everything I have dreamed has come true. Furthermore, I bring the fun, not the drama.”

That she does! Sonja explains her thoughts on Heather and her controlling ways.

“Like Ramona said, Bethenny is a grown woman and can make her own dining choices. She doesn’t need Heather to mother her all the time. I think Heather would get along with all of the women much better if she stopped trying to control everyone. Controlling everyone around you doesn’t mean you are actually in control–it means you want to be a dictator. I can see why Bethenny doesn’t feel comfortable sharing things with Heather. Everything you share in intimacy with Heather she uses as ammunition against you. It feels like a trap to be friends with Heather!”

Wow, strong words, but Sonja can back it up and advises Heather to be a friend, instead of someone who ridicules.

“For example, when Heather was in the car with Carole and said that I had said I made my first million when I was 20?! I would love to know where Heather gets her material from, because I never said that. I shared intimate information on how my assets were co-mingled with my ex and how I planned to reorganize my assets to finally be out of the Chapter 11. If you really are concerned, you wouldn’t use that information to ridicule me, you would have real constructive advice. However, she doesn’t have the experience I have to help me in this situation. So don’t ask! Just be a friend and hold my hand.”

In conclusion, Sonja has some advice for Heather.

“Heather needs to stop counting other peoples’ money and dissecting our life choices in which she has no experience. I think she would be a lot happier if she examined her own life for a change.”


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