Kim Richards Sued AGAIN Over Another Violent Dog Bite

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If you were a fan of the Bill Murray film, “Groundhog Day,” going to feel as if you were cast in the remake, with this next story.  

Kim Richards is being sued AGAIN, over claims that her dog, Kingsley, bit a family friend, causing substantial  and lasting damage. Readers may remember that Kim was found responsible for more than $8,000 in damages to Kay  Rozario, age 81.  Rozario’s  suit sought one million dollars in damages.

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The latest lawsuit has been filed by Kelly Crossley, who has also named Kim’s ex-husband, Monty Brinson, in the suit. Brinson is named in the suit in light of Kim’s claims that Kingsley is Monty’s dog, not hers. The alleged event occurred in September of 2014.

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” viewers may remember that the Richards sisters argued, during the reunion, over a bit sustained by Kyle’s daughter, Alexia, in November of last year. Kingsley was responsible for that bite, as well. Three attacks are alleged in the span of eight months.


Given the attack on Lozario in March of 2014, Crossley’s suit alleges that Kim knew that Kinglsey “…had a dangerous propensity, to wit, the habit of viciously attacking and biting humans.” For those wondering about the timing of the suit given the date of the attack, Crossley cites physical trauma, permanent scarring, nervous system damage, and  psychological suffering. She is suing for an undisclosed sum.


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