It’s MY Turn Now! Kathy Hilton Primed to Take over Fired Kim Richards’ Open #RHOBH Spot

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Kathy Hilton and Kim Richards crossed out

Kim Richards’ careening reality has finally and officially caught up with her. The recent report of a Bravo delivered pink slip, tells the story of an ex-child star about to shamefully exit the spotlight and resume her shaky existence away from the cameras. 

Raging addiction, mixed with a healthy dose of loony denial and topped off with a bleary mugshot, adds up to a long overdue Bravo boot to one of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” originals. This raises the question of who Bravo might ask to fill a spot that has never been empty…except for those illustrious moments when Kim was too blasted to show up to any given gathering. Ahhh…the memories. 

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TMZ Live floated an interesting theory while bantering about Kim, after her predictable headlong tumble off the mid-rehab wagon at her daughter Brooke’s destination wedding. Reporters caught up with sister Kathy during that time, who had a “we’ve done all we can” attitude when questioned about Kim’s uncertain return to rehab. Kathy has been Kim’s biggest enabler cheerleader in the past, and while the clip shows Kyle painting a vaguely hopeful picture, Kathy’s vibe feels curiously detached. A TMZ staffer revealed,

“I wouldn’t be shocked if they [Bravo] got rid of her [Kim Richards] and brought in Kathy Hilton.” Adding, “From what I’ve been told…they might be bringing her in and pushing one out.”

Could Kathy Hilton be the natural Bravo replacement, perfect for keeping the dysfunctional Richards sisters shtick going? She has made sporadic appearances on the show, as have her girls, Paris and Nicky. Interesting theory, although older sis Kathy should be the last woman to want to join a network famous for digging up and exposing the dirtiest of skeletons. Her son Conrad is fast building a reputation for being a reckless and lawless brat, and rumors continuously fly about her attention seeking daughter, Paris. I will resist jabbering about ‘House of Hilton’, a terrific read that paints Kathy Hilton in a horrifying light. 

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Watch the TMZ Live video below, jump to the 25 minute mark:


Still, I am intrigued. Is Kathy Hilton poised and ready to slide into her addicted and canned sister’s spot, smoothly taking over the role of lead tormenter to kid sister Kyle? What do you think? 


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