Heather Thomson: “I Am Over Bethenny’s Rules, Deliveries, And Rude Behavior”

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It’s damage control time for Heather Thomson, star of the “Real Housewives of New York!” Once you get past the name-dropping and “magnificence of the Berkshires” tour guide in her Bravo blog, Heather explains her frustration with the other ladies, Bethenny being the main focus.

“Normally dinner at the Red Lion is special, but immediately the group started discussing Bethenny and all the usual topics…custody arrangements, her childhood, and opinions on her friendships and her integration into the group, or lack thereof, and the mood changed. It’s clear I was getting frustrated with the context of the conversation, and I can admit to being tough and having an irreverence for bullsh–, but I was not attempting to “compare” people’s struggles.”

Let’s agree to disagree, shall we? But Heather wants everyone to know she is not judgmental or unsympathetic (even if she comes off that way).

Heather wrote, “My point was that everyone has different issues, and at any given time they can be less or they can be more. And although I may have enough eye rolls in this episode to fill a sequel to The Heathers, I am not a judgmental person and certainly not unsympathetic to people’s challenges, misfortunes, mishaps, or sh–ty deals. That is for damn sure.”

Heather then shares when things took a downward turn at Dorinda’s birthday dinner.

“Unfortunately, things took a turn rather quickly after Bethenny’s arrival. It started with Bethenny’s reaction to us recognizing she had fish allergies after surprising us for dinner… No one was trying to get a rundown of her dietary preferences.” Heather continues, “While you can be sure that I am over Bethenny’s rules, deliveries, and rude behavior, in dealing with her at this point, my own attitude has become harsh.”

Don’t you love the part where Heather says “surprising us.” She then tries to explain the conversation with Ramona’s date and what went wrong there.

“SO, maybe a normal conversation with Ramona’s partner about his restaurant businesses is a novel idea? Nope. Instead I come across bitchy while trying to shout over Sonja and Bethenny’s cackles and my “inside jokes” are dropping like lead balloons. I suck, and he feels like he’s being grilled, yikes! Now B and I are back at it, and it’s like a bad ping pong match between Cruella De Ville and Maleficent, or am I caught in Once Upon a Time…?” Heather concludes. “As much as I like to grab a bull by its horns, I also know when to call uncle, but I’m not having a good time with it or doing a particularly good job at any of it right now…on any level.”

Finally, something we can agree on!


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