Shots Fired! Bethenny Frankel Blast Heather Thomson on Twitter For Blaming Editing

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The bish is back! Bethenny Frankel was brought back as a full-time housewife on this season of “The Real Housewives of New York,” and the Skinnygirl empress is wasting no time getting back in the swing of things. Bethenny took to her Twitter page after Tuesday night’s episode to throw shade at her costar, Heather Thomson.

In Tuesday’s episode, Dorinda Medley hosted a “Knots Landing” birthday dinner and invited all the ladies to her mansion in the Berkshires. During dinner, Bethenny revealed that she’s allergic to fish. Bethenny’s innocent disclosure prompted Heather to spring into overbearing mommy mode, making it her duty to handle Bethenny’s dietary needs. Well, that didn’t go over too well with Bethenny who informed Heather, “I’m not interested in this,” she said. “OK, just like, get off me.”

Heather tried to justify her pushy over-the-top intentions and barked, “I can tell you what I want to f—king tell you,” Heather said. “Honestly, I can. Don’t tell me how to talk, don’t tell me what to do.”

In another scene from the same episode, Heather compares Bethenny’s dysfunctional childhood (years of emotional abuse) to losing her nanny of nine years. Heather’s statements outraged many viewers, who voiced their displeasure on Twitter. Heather made a rookie housewife move and blamed her actions on editing.


The OG ‘Housewife’ was not going to let Heather slide with that bogus excuse so she blasted her! Bethenny tweeted, “Hold up white girl. R we blaming editing at this point? In 9 seasons of reality tv i’ve done i’ve never done that. #itaintthehills

Bethenny Frankel_RHONY

The “white girl” reference is a dig at Heather’s overuse of street slang catchphrases which is a far cry from the business woman and Berkshires Queen.

Housewives usually wait for the reunion to settle their disagreements but much to my delight they’re hashing it out on social media. It’s clear that Bravo scored by bringing the bish Bethenny back to shake things up! 


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