Luann de Lesseps Thinks “Heather Should Know When to Quit!”

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The Real Housewives of New York” traveled to the Berkshires this week, to celebrate rookie cast member, Dorinda Medley’s birthday. Luann de Lesseps took to her blog to give her take on the festivities, and the predictable dramatic dips and turns that follow these women wherever they go. Luann and Ramona continue to swerve between renewed pals and backsliding frenemies, always an entertaining ride.

“I took a car from New York with Ramona, and I have to admit, it wasn’t all that bad! We’ve been through so much together that when we have a tiff, it’s more of a fender bender than a 95-car pileup.  Boy, have things changed!”

Luann weighs in on Ramona’s “plus one,” and the danger of Google discovery.

“I think Ramona enjoys her business partner’s company and that is why she invited him to Dorinda’s party, yet I don’t feel like she’s completely moved on from Mario–they aren’t even divorced yet.”

“It’s hard to hide your past with Google! It’s disconcerting that Peter, Ramona’s plus one for the party, also dated Mario’s mistress. Too close for comfort in my opinion, yet I don’t think Ramona cares, because she enjoys his company and he makes her laugh.”

Luann owns up to overstepping during Dorinda’s NYC birthday party, and shares her current thoughts on the ongoing dialogue about her boyfriend, John.

“There was a time and a place to discuss how we feel about John, and Ramona was right–Petrossian wasn’t it. It’s time to drop the whole matter.  As for poor John…how can he be a good boy when Sonja’s running around his bedroom wearing lingerie and snuggling up to him? Dorinda’s very well aware that John loves women, and Sonja loves to flirt, so kudos to her for maintaining her composure as our host.”

Kristen Taekman was nailed hard by Dorinda about her past flirty behavior with John, and Luann co-signs, calling out the shady move.

“Is Kristen nuts bringing up how she feels about John with Dorinda? You can see in the flashback video that Kristen was getting her groove on with John and didn’t seem to mind grinding on the dance floor in front of the girls and her husband. Her explanation that shimmying in the back isn’t the same as the front seems a little hypocritical to me.”

The most blatant party overstepping came from Heather Thomson, who practically forced her mothering services on the understandably guarded Bethenny Frankel. Luann lets Heather off easily, brushing off her obnoxious pushiness.

“I think that some of the girls are better than others when it comes to nurturing healthy female relationships, and Bethenny clearly struggles with this. When we try to help her or comfort her, she tends to reject our overtures (and then usually cries). It’s hard for us to comprehend, but we haven’t given up on her yet!”

“When Heather compared losing her nanny to the struggles Ramona and Bethenny are currently experiencing, the reaction from everyone at the table was of disbelief. Heather tries, she really does, but this time she was way off base, and she should know when to quit.”

The party in the Berkshires continues next week…let the drama continue!


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