Bethenny Frankel Blasts Heather Thomson! I’m a Quality Versus Quantity Person “Heather Was On My Jock Again”

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The only thing worse than the endless jokes about getting “another year older” is having your yard covered in a sea of pink flamingos. The only thing worse than pink flamingos littering your yard? A birthday party attended by “The Real Housewives of New York.”

Birthday parties signal open season, and Dorinda’s party in the Berkshires, hosted at her kick-ass Bluestone Manor, was no different. Bethenny gives us her take on her tears during the party and the fans’ reaction to them.

“Oh the Berkshires…there is a lot of talk about the Berkshires. Fortunately, you won’t have to endure many more tears from me after this. It really was a crazy time. Finding balance as a new single mom isn’t easy. I constantly felt torn. I was trying to engage with a new group, but my daughter always comes first. I simply wasn’t leaving her for the weekend. Period. That is precious time. So what did I do?”

The OG housewives remember when the show was simply about sharing your own story with the audience. Unfortunately, across franchises. The new wives seem to think the show is about conflict and forcing friendships. The wives hungry for Bethenny’s presence seem to not realize how much effort she put into getting to the Berkshires.

“I booked a limo with blankets and pillows and princess movies and came to the dinner after bedtime. I came from “a place of yes,” and it worked out. That said, I was, as Carole puts it, “wound tight” having tried to pull it all together.”

Frankel seemed to think that she would drop in and enjoy good food and the company. She quickly realized how wrong she was.

“Well, I just wanted to chill and laugh, and I felt that Heather was on my jock again. We definitely have different styles when getting to know each other.”

Bethenny has more support than just Ramona, who was priceless. The birthday host got it,

Dorinda Medley Tweet_RHONY Dorinda Medley Tweet_RHONY

Bethenny continues,

“That catty girl scene was interesting to watch when Ramona said that I had no girlfriends and everyone gave me their dose of therapy. That, by the way, is hilarious and scary. I have a very small group of best friends that I’ve had for 25 years. I keep it tight and right, and with this nastiness and catty conversation, now we know why. I’m a quality versus quantity person. If you think I’m going to fill a room or my life with girls that look like they’re all my BFFs but wait for them to start gossiping behind my back, you got the wrong one. Ya gotta love Ramona.”


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