Damage Control! Teresa Giudice Claims Daughter, Gia Tweeted On Her Behalf Amid Reports She Violated Prison Rules

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Real Housewives of New Jersey” fans were shocked when Teresa Giudice sent a tweet acknowledging fan support in celebration of  her birthday. The tweet was “signed,” leading fans to believe that the message came from Giudice, directly.

Teresa Giudice_RHONJ

There is only one small problem, unless you are the federal government and then it is a huge one. How did Giudice tweet from behind bars? Prisoners are not permitted to have cell phones behind bars, even if they are former reality stars. Did Giudice manage to get her hands on a device or is there another explanation?

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Look no further, the small feat has been explained:

“Teresa absolutely did not send the tweet herself. She doesn’t have access to Twitter,” Giudice’s attorney James Leonard, Jr. tells E! News.

“The message came from her. She asked her daughter Gia to please post it,” Leonard Jr., continues. “She wanted to thank her fans for the hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of mail that she’s received since she’s been incarcerated. In particular, she received an outpouring of kind words and support on her birthday. She’s truly grateful.”

This begs several questions, assuming it can be substantiated that Gia was indeed the person who posted the tweet on her mother’s behalf.

1)  Does this in any way violate the conditions of Teresa’s extended stay at camp fed, Danbury?

2) Why did Teresa wait until now to have someone posting on her behalf? Now that it has occurred will it become a regular event? 

3) Does posting from behind bars signal the court that Giudice is still not taking her incarceration seriously?  Shouldn’t she expect fans to not hear from her until she is released?  Readers may remember that the judge felt that not only were the Giudices dishonest in not providing documents as requested but that they seemed to not take the law seriously.

First a cover photo of the family published by US Weekly, and now a tweet. Prison seems to be Giudice’s publicity staging ground, these days.


4) Will Giudice’s use of Twitter to keep her name in the limelight be seen by the judge as taking precedence over focusing on her current situation and reflecting on the crimes that landed her behind bars?  Will the judge see this move as indicative of  a lack of remorse by Giudice?

5) If Gia is the source of the tweet, instead of husband Joe, or another adult, are fans comfortable with Gia’s involvement in anything to do with acting as a liaison between her imprisoned mother and her mother’s “fans”?  There has been criticism that the children have already been too involved after the US Weekly cover photo of the girls visiting mom behind bars.


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