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RECAP: #ShahsofSunset Finale “Lions and Buddhists and Persians, Oh My!” [Episode 14]

All About the Tea_Shahs of Sunset - Season 4

All About the Tea_Shahs of Sunset - Season 4

Last night’s episode of “Shahs of Sunset,” opens with the gang still in Thailand. Asifa and Bobby has done the most courteous gesture this entire trip, they’ve moved their bickering back to LA! (Thank you very much) The rest of the group meets for breakfast. Reza’s best man, Jefferson arrives. Hurry, before the buffet runs out! Even with Asifa and Bobby taking it on the hoof which means more food for everyone, you better get that extendable goof fork out and grab the food while you can.

Time to get suited for the canceled wedding. Reza is accompanied by his crew. He claims he feels guilt but he’s still going to go shopping. He’s getting a custom-made suit for child labor-like prices.

All About the Tea_Shahs of Sunset - Season 4

Back in LA, Mike‘s wearing a ski cap. He’s decided to go shopping, too. He’s getting a custom-made suit, too. His brother joins him and he cries to him and anyone else who will listen about how he hasn’t seen Reza. He decides he’s going to invite Reza to the wedding.

All About the Tea_Shahs of Sunset - Season 4

Everyone participates in the de riguer fish pedicure. Seems Bravo’s P.R. team shoots memos off to every show to visit the dang fish pedicure. Next, they all go to the Muy Thai boxing club, which is the equivelent of a human cock fight. After that, the red light district, and we have to be politically correct and say how lovely the lady boys are. Think Caitlyn Jenner but since they’re small Asian men, it’s a lot easier for them to pull it off. Reza tells us he’s finally out of his funk so he’s in the right mindset for the tiger sanctuary. Seems Reza is obsessed with caged, exploited tigers. So is Asa who claims it’s in Persian DNA. In fact, in the Golestān Province, one of the last tigers was shot in 1953, so she’s right. Persians do have tigers in their DNA. It’s called an obsession with killing tigers.

All About the Tea_Shahs of Sunset - Season 4

Next, time to go to the Buddhist Temple. Things get very emotional for the crew during a spiritual cleansing ritual. Asa, the woman who can’t pick just one religion is an expert on all. So the idiots sit there listening to the monks chant and Reza interprets this as “love.” No one has a clue since the don’t speak the language or practice the religion but they all decide to personalize the experience to mean whatever they think it does because, really, what is Buddhism other than being all about ME?


Afterwards, everyone’s getting dressed in their materialistic and superficial best and they go to dinner. Cut to a shot of Mike and his dog. All alone. Back in Thailand, everyone jumps in the ocean and frolics.

On their last night in Thailand, the group gathers at what was supposed to be Reza and Adam’s reception dinner. The mood is very somber when they see the dinner menu with Adam and Reza’s names on it. And the reality hits Reza as he begins to realize the impact of his decision and struggles with the life altering choice of what his future with Adam will be.

On their last night in Thailand, the group gathers at what was supposed to be Reza and Adam’s reception

In a TH Reza tells us, “I’m gonna go home, I’m gonna grab Adam, I’m gonna give him a big hug and a kiss and I’m gonna do right by him and I’m gonna make this work out. And I’m gonna sit down with Mike ’cause he’s the only brother I’ve ever had, and sit Golnesa and him down as often as I have to, to bring this group back together again. I’m never gonna inhereit a new family. I’m never get new people that I have this history with. I love them. They’re all I’ve got in this world.” 

The episode ends with the crew celebrating their last night in Thailand with a little skinnydipping.

Yeah. That plus Ryan Seacrest is paying for to see the originals because every time he allows a new person in, they bore the audience to death. Finally, this mess of a season is over!


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