Caitlyn Jenner Gets Support From President Barack Obama & Bravolebrities!

Posted on Jun 2 2015 - 2:32am by Avigail

Bruce Jenner Barak Obama

Move over Kim Kardashian we have a new queen in town! Caitlyn Jenner #BrokeTheInternet yesterday with her big public reveal. Caitlyn began a Twitter account under her new name (to complement her new jaunt on Vanity Fair‘s July magazine cover) and amassed a high number of followers in record time. She kicked off festivities with her first tweet,

Bruce Jenner tweets

To be exact, Jenner reached the one million follower mark faster than anyone in Twitter history, including, our president, Barack Obama. The president took time out of his busy schedule to tweet his support of Bruce’s coming out,

VIDEO: Watch the behind-the-scenes video from Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair cover

Barack Obama tweet

Caitlyn’s family members, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian,Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, including a handful of their fellow reality stars, such as Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi Glanville, Andy Cohen, Melissa Gorga showed an outpouring of support following the “Keeping Up With the Kardashian” star’s Vanity Fair cover and sharing her transition with the public. 

“For all intents and purposes I am a woman,” Jenner said during her sit down special with Diane Sawyer, which aired in April. “People look at me differently. They see you as this ‘macho male,’ but my heart and my soul and everything I do in life, it is part of me, that female side is part of me. It’s who I am. I was not genetically born that way.”

Twitter reported that Jenner reached one million followers in a recording shattering four hours. She’s currently at the 1.58 million followers mark and climbing. Jenner tweeted her appreciation, “Another Jenner world record, and at 65? Who’da thought! Humbled & honored to have reached 1M followers in 4 hrs. Thank you for your support.”

Bruce Jenner tweets


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  • say_no_go

    She looks really nice in that pic. If she is happy, I am happy for her

  • martinkoti

    She does resemble like the other Jenner’s and Kardashian’s of the family.

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    I tweeted Caitlin last night saying…open a twitter account, post 1 tweets…get over a million followers in 3.5 minutes…guess I just don’t follow anyone…didn’t follow Bruce before and I won’t follow Caitlin now…I wish him the best of luck though, he’s more of a woman than PimpMomager Kris will EVER be, imo

  • WestCoastFeed

    I’m sorry, but I find that photo of Caitlyn in the red dress, driving a car, completely insensitive. What about the woman who was killed on the Pacific Coast Highway because of Bruce?

    • I agree West. It’s pretty insensitive and self-serving.

    • You got mail.

  • whose gonna do my hair!

    Wish I had her figure. I like my knees more. Let’s not bring Obammy into this, please; who really cares: He won boof of em!

  • Doesn’t the president have anything else to do? Like pass bills?? Geez!! Anywho, Caitlyn got what she wanted….ATTENTION! Hilarious that he trumped KK’s baby news and Teresa’s tweet. GO BRUCE!

  • Kay

    Thanks to all the comments here. If not for them I’d have to think that I’m the only person who doesn’t feel admiration for jenner. And he looks creepy after all the surgeries. And many of those who wave their support like a flag are just doing it to get some easy points…