Teresa Giudice Tweets From Prison and Violates Prison Rules – Will This Affect Her Early Release?

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Teresa Giudice, 43, former star of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” who is currently serving a prison sentence tweeted a message to her 1 million followers on Sunday, May 31 – but is she breaking the rules? Here’s what Teresa said.

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The message is signed by “T” implying Teresa Giudice herself tweeted the message. Many of her fans, known as TreHuggers went into a frenzy tweeting responses of love love love to their idol Teresa. Many asking, “are you out of prison?”

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Bravo’s, Andy Cohen, joined the shenanigans by retweeting Teresa’s message,

Teresa Giudice_RHONJ

Giudice’s last post to her Twitter account was December 2014, when she posted about Gia’s band 3KT’s holiday performance. 

Teresa Giudice is a convicted felon currently serving a 15-month prison sentence for multiple fraud charges at the Danbury Federal Correctional Institution (FCI Danbury), in Danbury Connecticut.

The rules in local, state and federal penitentiaries are that no contraband is allowed – and a cell phone is most definitely considered contraband. Is Teresa being deceptive and having someone else tweet for her? Did a family member sneak a cell phone in to her during a visit?

We reached out to an official at Danbury Federal Prison who confirmed inmates posting on social media while incarcerated is NOT permitted, “it’s a violation of prison rules,” the official stated.

No word yet if this will hurt, hurt, hurt Teresa’s early release status.


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