Sonja Morgan: “They Are Just Plain Jealous”

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Sonja Morgan_RHONY

Sonja Morgan is fit to be tied – in Italian crepe silk – at the other ladies of the Real Housewives of New York City, and she’s not afraid to say so. In her lengthy Bravo blog, Sonja calls them out for being jealous and unsupportive “monsters.”

“I just debuted one of my beautiful gowns from my collection on the cover of an international luxury magazine and all my so-called friends have is criticism. All the while they have a tequila cocktail in one hand and a lobster roll in the other. What kind of monsters are these people? Who does that?”

Sonja, who is all about “promoting people” is clearly not feeling the love from her castmates.

“Who laughs out loud at an independent woman building her businesses to support her child? Who laughs at a woman who’s living out her dreams and passionately loves what she’s doing? Exercising her creative side?”

Although I don’t recall anyone laughing, Sonja feels that she gives better than she gets with the ladies.

“I have yet to see one of the ladies tweet a compliment about my collection or post a photo from my fashion show at Fashion Week 2015 as I have done from the joy in my heart for them, their wine, their books, their songs, their jewelry, their fashions.” 

It’s been said that the RHONY season finale is Sonja’s fashion show, so we’ll see the completed collection then, in the meantime, Sonja wishes the girls wouldn’t attack her all over town.

“If these women really thought I had a problem, they wouldn’t be attacking like they are all over town and in public. They are just plain jealous that I am strong enough to get through my divorce, the business lawsuit, and build my own businesses from scratch while living in the moment and enjoying myself. It’s terrible they cannot wish well on others who are doing well.”

As for Heather, Sonja has a theory on her too. 

“Confident women support other women. If you ask me, Heather is upset with herself and is taking it out on me. Otherwise, why would she be so unfeeling and unsupportive?” She adds, “Heather’s comment about Kmart’s was a pure dig, because she knows that Kmart does not sell $800-$1200 gowns made from Italian crepe silk and silk charmeuse linings.” 

In closing, Sonja says something’s are worth repeating.

“Yes! I like to promote people. I’ve been in PR my whole life. As Bethenny said, I am the repeater, the repeater of positive things.”


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