Sonja Morgan: “They Are Just Plain Jealous”

Posted on May 31 2015 - 8:58am by Dani-K

Sonja Morgan_RHONY

Sonja Morgan is fit to be tied – in Italian crepe silk – at the other ladies of the Real Housewives of New York City, and she’s not afraid to say so. In her lengthy Bravo blog, Sonja calls them out for being jealous and unsupportive “monsters.”

“I just debuted one of my beautiful gowns from my collection on the cover of an international luxury magazine and all my so-called friends have is criticism. All the while they have a tequila cocktail in one hand and a lobster roll in the other. What kind of monsters are these people? Who does that?”

Sonja, who is all about “promoting people” is clearly not feeling the love from her castmates.

“Who laughs out loud at an independent woman building her businesses to support her child? Who laughs at a woman who’s living out her dreams and passionately loves what she’s doing? Exercising her creative side?”

Although I don’t recall anyone laughing, Sonja feels that she gives better than she gets with the ladies.

“I have yet to see one of the ladies tweet a compliment about my collection or post a photo from my fashion show at Fashion Week 2015 as I have done from the joy in my heart for them, their wine, their books, their songs, their jewelry, their fashions.” 

It’s been said that the RHONY season finale is Sonja’s fashion show, so we’ll see the completed collection then, in the meantime, Sonja wishes the girls wouldn’t attack her all over town.

“If these women really thought I had a problem, they wouldn’t be attacking like they are all over town and in public. They are just plain jealous that I am strong enough to get through my divorce, the business lawsuit, and build my own businesses from scratch while living in the moment and enjoying myself. It’s terrible they cannot wish well on others who are doing well.”

As for Heather, Sonja has a theory on her too. 

“Confident women support other women. If you ask me, Heather is upset with herself and is taking it out on me. Otherwise, why would she be so unfeeling and unsupportive?” She adds, “Heather’s comment about Kmart’s was a pure dig, because she knows that Kmart does not sell $800-$1200 gowns made from Italian crepe silk and silk charmeuse linings.” 

In closing, Sonja says something’s are worth repeating.

“Yes! I like to promote people. I’ve been in PR my whole life. As Bethenny said, I am the repeater, the repeater of positive things.”


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  • TartLemon

    Where is Sonja’s ‘collection’? All I’ve seen is her wearing the same ill-fitting dress in different colors.

    I was VERY supportive of Sonja with the toaster oven thing and was really looking forward to the cookbook. This ‘collection’ thing is the same pattern.

    Where is it?

    • Babyruth3944

      O m g you did not mention” toaster oven”! I did a couple weeks ago got my head chewed off asking when that and a toaster oven /cookbook would be coming. My 2 married daughters really want it ,as do I .I would have more use for a toaster oven than ever one dress of her line from Nordstrom, with fabrics made from and imported from Italy. Found only at a high end store. I will say my daughters have ordered the cutest styles ever from Gretchen Cheistine line HW O C and not only great quality, but affordable prices for the everyday working gal. Very happy with her line.

      • RubyT

        I wish she’d just publish the recipes.

    • Guardian

      The red one?

  • CNN

    Sonja needs to forget about these other woman and concentrate on herself. None of them have good intentions for her so it’s worth the energy sucking up to them.

    • Livie1

      I agree! If she fails she fails, what is it to them? They’re like vultures, picking at carrion. Their fake concern is very transparent.

  • Sophia Z.

    Great article, Dani! Thank you.
    Poor Sonja. I agree that the other women are like hounds on her.
    I don’t see her brand going very far though. Sadly, she gets too involved with the marketing side of it. The entire brand is entirely incohesive and lacking a lot of the elements to make it a success. I wish her luck in going forward and hope that she will let those who know what they are doing do their jobs.

  • RubyT

    I tried looking up her line. It shows clothing, but just says “coming soon”. That tells me they’re not being manufactured. Anyone can make a dress, then put it on a website. I hope things work out for her, but it just doesn’t seem hopeful.

    • Guardian

      The Empress has no clothes – only samples.

      • Livie1

        LOL, that’s funny!! 🙂

    • Livie1

      From what I’ve seen she should concentrate on being a PR person and drop the toaster ovens/clothing/product lines, etc.

  • equinox2009

    I felt bad for Sonya this episode. She is right, not one of them even just one night couldn’t even be positive for her. As she says, not one photo or post about this event At least she’s trying to be positive about her “future”, whether it be true or not. No support for even appearing on the cover or article in the magazine. She really is an attractive middle aged woman regardless of her failures. I’d love to be with her one night, I bet she knows how to-and I’m female!! Just saying, maybe fantasizing!

    • Livie1

      Sonya does nothing for me as far as a fantasy figure – lol – but I do agree with the first part of your post. She was the focus of a nice event, so why was that so disagreeable for the others? (My answer: Envy.) Heather in particular needs to review the old saying of “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” I was embarrassed for her when that diss about KMart came out of her mouth, she of girdle semi-fame!! I know a lot of people don’t care for Kristen but she actually seemed happy and supportive of Sonya at the event.