VIDEO: #BloodSweatHeels Chantelle Fraser Calls Out Demetria For Her Narcissistic Ways

Posted on May 31 2015 - 9:43am by Avigail

Blood Sweat and Heels_Demetria_Thinks_Chantelle_Should_Mind_Her_Bu (1)

The career women of NYC, “Blood, Sweat & Heels” are back tonight and the drama ignites!

After an eventful night in the Hamptons, tensions are brewing as Melyssa and Demetria head to a castle for Demetria’s magical cover shoot for a bridal magazine. While Demetria models gowns in sheer bliss, everyone else is stewing over her recent bad behavior. Geneva shares some harsh words and Daisy breaks downs after revealing how hurt she is by Demetria.


Tired of Demetria’s callous behaviorChantelle takes a stand against her costars actions, which turns into an argument at dinner.Chantelle doesn’t like the way Demetria has been treating Geneva and confronts her on it during a group dinner.


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  • CNN

    Can’t stand Demeteria and her superior attitude. Daisy doesn’t need all of this negativity, right now. Demetria always seems angry at someone. She doesn’t like Chantelle, because she’s being honest & Demetria feels threatened.

    • Cecile

      So true Demetria thrives on feeling superior and Geneva and Melyssa feed her ego.

  • Chloe

    Chanty is so right! Demetria’s waist is too big. I would not be interested in one of her books because I wouldn’t want advice from a snooty, stuck up, judgmental, stick in the behind like herself. She’s miserable.

    • Cecile

      Demetria is a needy, insecure wanna be ..feel sorry for her

  • Cecile

    It is obvious that deep down Demetria isn’t very happy. Life coach needed for “life coach”

    • Marsbars09

      You got that right. It appears she has a problem with White women too. I’m watching an episode where she refers to them as “Beckies”. I was like, “WTF”?

      • Yep — Both Demetria and Geneva are racist towards white people. it’s disgusting.

        • equinox2009

          I find Demetria so cold, no warmth to this woman at all She is so intolerant if someone is a little off, as if they are embarrassing her directly Watching her last year in the Hamptons when Mica was a bit drunk, running thru the house like some intruder was trying to attack her-she made a spectacle running like she were being attacked! I find her highly opinionated and insensitive. Sorry, don’t like the woman! Everyone else is kind of fun. Daisy-you are thought bought often! Love, love Mica!!

        • Livie1

          Oh wow, I was going to try out the show but not now!! I’m intolerant of intolerance…not putting $$ into the pocketbooks of people with that kind of attitude.

  • Marsbars09

    I’m not a regular viewer of this show, but I’m watching an episode where Geneva refers to White women as “Beckies”. I was like what is this woman’s problem? Isn’t she the one that bashed Melyssa’s face with a glass? Geneva has some serious issues…

    • Geneva is the one that got arrested for not paying her cab and smashing the glass bottle over Melyssa Ford’s head. Causing her numerous stitches.

      • Marsbars09

        I hope they fired her sorry ass! That sounds like felony assault!
        Geneva is one seriously angry Black woman. She needs to be off TV since we have too many of those stereotypes in the media.

        • I agree 100%. She’s so aggressive and justifies her behavior with the excuse she’s a target because she’s black.

      • Soncie22

        Wait. what? When did Geneva bash Melyssa in the head with a wine glass? How did I miss that? #INeedDeets..#SharingIsCaring

    • Livie1

      Reading this rules out me of ever watching this show then. Wow.

  • Love this show and tonight’s episode is going to be a good one!

  • Babson_Chick

    Just what we need – more trashy women. Meanwhile, I’ll hang out with the “Beckies” whatever that means. lol.

    • Livie1

      Honest to God, really are there no admirable people that could be on just ONE of these trainwreck shows?

      “Beckies”? Now isn’t that special??? I’m with you Babs.

      • Babson_Chick

        Guess the “Powers that Be” aka dumbshites must think we like watching trashy fights and dumb women – I’ve got news there are hundreds of other channels to watch. (guess we’ll have to hange in there Livie) I am watch more shows on my PBS stations – good stuff.

        • Livie1

          Me too on PBS!!! My current fav is Scott & Bailey. Fictional characters granted, but strong, ethical women, warts and all. And love me some Endeavor and Vera when they come up with new seasons.

          I’ve been gaga over Eddie and Pats for ages. Love your icon pic!! Can’t believe the talent of those two ladies – in real life I mean – lol.

          You said it, the powers that be that are responsible for this trash TV are exactly what you called them: dumbshites.

          • Babson_Chick

            Yes!! I love Scott & Bailey and watch all the mysteries including Father Brown and Mid. Murders (love their country village scenes).

            What can I say – I try to live up to Pat’s image lol.

          • Livie1

            Doing a smashing job of it darling 😉 Cheers!!

          • Babson_Chick

            Thanks sweetie and Cheers back at ya!!