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Posted on May 30 2015 - 2:30am by BeachSpin

Jill Zarin and dad_RHONYJill Zarin “Daddy daughter day!!! Best day at museums”

It’s officially the weekend, and All About the Tea is kicking off a new segment featuring some off-camera pics of all of our favorite (or maybe least favorite) reality stars. We all know that these quasi-celebs LOVE showing off their moments, so for all of you who want an inside peek, join the fun!

Below you’ll find flicks from your favorite celebs…..

Yolanda Foster_RHOBH Yolanda Foster “Another glamorous day at the office…..#HeavyMetalDetox #Chelation#PortableInfraRedSauna #ChronicNeuroLymeDisease”


Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 1.19.09 AMKyle Richards “Taking a break from my busy day to stop & smell the roses & recharge with @matefitme #matefitme”


Nicky Hilton @ Bridal ShowerNicky Hilton “Fairytale bridal shower”


Kenya Moore_RHOA Kenya Moore “You are magnificent @stanmukoro I so adore u and wifey… Great people”


Lisa Vanderpump_RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump “My beautiful lady who joined our family last year,four years old …Soo sweet”


Yandy and Mendeecees Wedding_LHHNYYandy and Mendeecees Harris Live Wedding of #LHHNY


Brandi GlanvilleBrandi Glanville “School pick up line! No shame in my game!!! Haha”


Kristen Taekman_RHONY Kristen Taekman “Last Night’s Look – The White Button Down. Link in Profile”


Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 12.12.20 AMClaudia Jordan ” Just touched down in Providence and of COURSE my mother is late picking me up. I can tell she must really have missed me!!! Lol”


LuAnn _ RHONY Countess Luann “Having a swinging time! Xo #vacation #fun @bravotv”


Ramona Singer_RHONYRamona Singer “Off to a ladies lunch”


North West and her cousinNorth West and her cousin, Penelope


Jacqueline and Kathy _RHONJJacqueline Laurita and Kathy Wakile “Yep… They just bought us a drink!! We’re In! @jaclaurita”


Kim ZolciakKim Zolciak “Suit from my girl @jenniferstano @lillyghalichi swimwear line HaveFaith and head wrap from my girl@emilydeesboulden her store in Atlanta called “Swank”


Carole and Bethenny Frankel_RHONYCarole Radziwill and Bethenny Frankel “Some rando took our picture today”


Dance Moms_Nia and JoJoNia and JoJo of #DanceMoms “Oh and we brought some friends”


Khloe KardashianKhloe Kardashian “Habibi Love”


Asa_ShahsofSunsetAsa Soltan in LA


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  • Sophia Z.

    I love this new section! Thank you!!!
    I wonder why Brandi bothers with cosmetic surgery and the facial mask. Her reputation is so soiled that most people see the inside of her which is not pretty – matches the outside.
    Photo of Lisa V is great. I love that doggie.
    I think Kathy Wakile is so pretty.
    Kardashian in veil? WTF?
    Did Kim lose all that weight or is this photo representing pre-massive breeding days?
    Cute photo of Asa Soltan.

    • Nancy Krystofik

      Chloe is modeling the new look the Duggars are going with…. She can join Asa’s girl army now. Her eyes do look pretty though…

      • Sophia Z.


      • Ditto on all points….Hahahaha!

    • Boom! You said it all.

  • Nancy Krystofik

    Kathy Walkie looks so young and pretty. Lisa and her yellow lab are lovely. What is the pink paint on Brandi and her mask? Too weird. At this angle, Kim Zolciak looks a lot different from a couple weeks ago at the ladies expo. How does she do it?

    • Jennymckitty

      It’s a mask that uses UV lights…red is for anti-aging. Beyond ridiculous to be using it in a car with all the UVA rays beaming in the car window. Not to mention how stupid she looks doing so.

      • Peace

        Tyvm for explaining that. I think that may be a good look for her. Her pictures have been scary lately. But…maybe she has it on backwards and it’s aging her??

      • Nancy Krystofik

        Thank you for the info!

      • No wonder her face is so screwed up. She better quit with all the cosmetic stuff especially the botox.

  • cait

    Just finished watching series 1 of NJ and apart from that awful Stubb woman, It was a happy time ! We got to see them shopping, travelling and having lots of fun ! Jaq just kept dragging Stubb back in, but she may have been directed to do that, by the producers, otherwise Stubb would have had no place on the show !
    Does anyone know what that fuss was with the make-up guy, while sorting Stubbs face, started bad-mouthing Tre, on camera ?

  • Sophia Z.

    I adore Yolanda but the portable sauna look is not exactly a photo I would share with anyone.

    • Livie1

      I thought it was the Saturday Funnies!! True!! lol

  • MidwestMiddie

    GREAT FUN!! Thanks, AATT.

    Nicky Hilton’s Bridal Shower’s Theme – Ridiculousness!!!
    Carole and Bethenny thrilled when some “rando” took their picture. Bet they had to pay him!!
    Dance Moms photo is nice except for Holly being in the picture. Ugh!! Nasty Lady.
    Kyle taking the time to smell the roses because there is a camera there to “capture the moment.” LOL

    • Livie1

      MM I thought the same about the Dance Mom picture – it seemed like an actual candid shot, unlike the staged ‘Kyle huffs a rose’ one 😉

  • Livie1

    KimZ looks ridiculous, what the hell is wrong with her? ugh, someone smash that phone. Lovely kids, lovely husband, one bizarre wife/mother.

  • Goo Goo G’Joob

    Never a Kartrashian fan, but the pics of Penelope and North are adorably cute. Love Lisa V’s hair in the pic with Mrs Rumpy. And is Kyle attempting to channel Vanderpump simply by taking the time to stop and snort a rose or two?

    • Jennymckitty

      At least Kyle is only snorting roses.

  • Chloe

    Nice new segment, Beach. Love the Dance Mom kids, thank you for including them. Nia and JoJo are my favorites.

    That slut Khloe Kartrashian wearing the habib is disrespectful. Her nieces are too cute for words but I think their parents should protect them more the paps.

    Asa and those hips. No comment. Lol.

  • Love this…awesome….Great job Beach! Happy Saturday everyone! 🙂

    Jill Zarin just loves to be in the spotlight. Hahahaha!

    If Yolanda don’t stop with all these alternative treatments, sad to say but she’s going to push herself further into the grave.

    I like Kyle’s hate and beautifully blossomed roses.

    Nicky Hilton’s dress, shoes, pose and bridal shower theme looks utterly ridic.

    Kenya Moore and Lisa Vanderpump look gorg.

    Yandy and Mendeecees ghetto rushed commercial wedding was a joke. He’s going to prison and she’s stuck with all them kids. For a college educated girl, she’s not too bright.

    Brandi is crazy and obsessed with her horrible face…..poor thang!

    North West and Penelope are adorbs! Love that their in dance school so young.

    Jac and Kathy looking young and fresh. Love them as friends.

    Carole and Bethenny…WOOFfest

    Khloe and Asa…..Girls Bye!

    • Sophia Z.

      LMAO… especially over Kyle.

  • Birdie

    Oh my goodness…those little ballerinas are presh..and so wonderfully innocent of the sludge that constantly surrounds them. Nicky Hilton looks absurd, and how does a mother of like a dozen kids have so much time for mirror selfies? Someone needs to tell Kim that no one does those things anymore. Ramona has never looked better.

  • Babson_Chick

    Thanks for the new segment – only saw 1 fave pic – Lisa V. Maybe some of the others will grow on me but I doubt it – they sure do like posing and posturing and preening and……..

  • Newchild

    haha! I’ve got the same exact blouse that Kyle is wearing! I bought it at Marshall’s for around 20 bucks. I was a bit surprised!

  • RHONJ Fan

    Fun new segment AATT. Asa needs to join Jenny Craig. Kim Zolciak looks like a plastic Barbie. North West and Penelope are too cute for words.

  • cait

    Re the Duggars : I found some more stats about adolescent, familial abusers. Shocking figures !
    I have posted this on the Duggar thread below.

  • equinox2009

    Beautiful, each and every one of them!

  • beckywebb

    Thank you! I love this blog, the only one not taken over by trolls!Except TT. I can’t help feeling Yolanda is making fun of me in that picture. (I’m fat!). Love the picture of Claudia, I know how that feels.