Luann de Lesseps: “Ramona Used Me As a Scapegoat”

Posted on May 29 2015 - 1:13pm by Dani-K

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When Luann de Lesseps was thrown under the bus during this week’s episode of the “Real Housewives of New York,” she took to her Bravo blog to handle it in typical Countess fashion and proclaim that Ramona used her as the scapegoat. She wrote,

“Who fights while indulging on Petrossian caviar and champagne? As you see this week, you can serve your guests the best and have them act the worst!”

Luann is skeptical of Mario’s intentions and has a warning for Ramona.

“Dorinda party at Petrossian, we were privy to Dorinda and Ramona’s conversation about Mario’s willingness to try it again with Ramona. While I’m glad Mario and Avery are now on good terms, I’m skeptical of Mario’s intentions and hope that Ramona waits to see how this plays out before jumping back in. Time will tell.”

And what about sticking Ramona’s face in the caviar? That’s not very Countess-like behavior. Luann said,

“I would never stick Ramona’s face in the caviar, as much as I wanted to at Dorinda’s party…who would waste such a delicious treat?”

So why does Luann think Ramona tried to bring everyone for a ride on the Ramonacoaster?

“Although Ramona tries not to be a (caviar) pot stirrer, sometimes she just can’t resist, and this was one of those times. Typical!” She added, “Ramona, when backed into a corner, was quick to blame me for the entire situation.”

Luann explains what happened. “I did have a conversation with Ramona about John, and she was an enthusiastic participant in sharing her concerns with me about his overly friendly behavior with the ladies.”

Here are Luann’s final thoughts on the Dorinda/John situation.

“Poor Dorinda, she’s right, we are over-analyzing John, and it’s her boyfriend and her choice to be with him. I say, if Dorinda’s happy, I’m happy, (Actually wasn’t it Ramona who said this?) and I hope that we didn’t hurt John’s feelings airing our private conversation with everyone. Ramona used me as a scapegoat as usual!”


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  • RealitytvJunkie

    Luann is so right. Fake Ramona. Deflecting trying to make herself look innocent while throwing others under the bus. Ramona needs therapy. She has a drinking problem, her marriage is on the rocks and she’s picking petty fights for no reason.

    • Sophia Z.

      Right. Like anyone can’t see through Ramona’s antics. She has thrown people under the bus since day one.

  • TartLemon

    I don’t doubt for a single second Mario made some serious mistakes in that relationship, but he was not the ONLY one in that relationship. For some reason, seems like it’s forgotten Ramona ain’t no saint, either. After all those years, Ramona didn’t notice there was a problem? That’s pretty much a MAJOR problem in a relationship, IMO.

    • Livie1

      Agree, there are always 2 in a relationship no matter what circumstances.