Bruce Jenner Asks Judge to Throw Out Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Malibu Car Crash

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Bruce Jenner, 65, has filed a motion requesting the court toss the wrongful death lawsuit suit filed against him by the family of the woman he killed in February on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. California.

The car crash left, Kimberly Howe, 69, dead and five others injured.

As we previously reported, earlier this month, Howe’s two stepchildren, William Howe, 57, and Dana Redmond, 60, filed the lawsuit alleging that the impact of Jenner’s SUV “propelled” her into the other lane.

The lawsuit claims Bruce was “careless and negligent” when he slammed into Howe’s Lexus on Pacific Coast Highway back in February, causing Howe’s vehicle to bolt into oncoming traffic where it crashed head on with a Hummer. Law enforcement sources conclude that the following reenactment of the crash squarely lays blame on Bruce for being inattentive when he struck the Lexus.

Jenner, responded to the family’s suit stating they lack standing to assert a wrongful death claim because they were “not financially dependent upon the decedent for the necessities of life.” Jenner claims their family connection to the victim does not give them the right to sue for wrongful death.

The lawsuit by Dana Redmond and William Howe does not specify how much they are seeking.


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