Bethenny Frankel: “Emotions Creep Out in Unexpected Ways”

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Fans who are use to the sardonic wit and sharp tongue of Bethenny “fast talking, quick thinking” Frankel may have been unnerved by her crying jag during the last episode. It was certainly the most vulnerable she has been since her appearance on the show as part of the original “Real Housewives of New York” cast. She explains her breakdown

“Well, the crying game has begun, so bear with me a moment because there is a LOT of laughter to come. You know how sometimes you can confide in a stranger more easily than someone you’re close with? Well, there is a lot that people don’t know about my personal life, and let’s just say that emotions creep out in unexpected ways. I have had a rough time, and I was particularly raw. I broke down in CB2, which I’ve renamed “Cry Baby 2.” Carole was perfect in that situation. I am not a huge hugger, either, and I just needed to let it out.”

All season Frankel has hinted that part of the difficulty she is experiencing includes aspects of a messy divorce she cannot, yet, share. I wondered if part of the vulnerability she expressed is linked to recently released news of the judge’s ruling on her Tribeca apartment – currently at the heart of contention between Frankel and soon-to-be- ex-husband, Jason Hoppy. Fans would not have known about the alleged irregularities then, but it could have been weighing heavily on her, as well as the custody issues.

Bethenny has kind (?) words to share about fellow castmate Heather Thomson:

“Heather is very inquisitive and likes to get deep quickly. She is just curious, concerned, and a little touchy feely at times. I believe it comes from a good place. I am just guarded and not always trusting. As Dorinda says, I’m a squirrel, so really fast moves make me run. Custody conversation is very personal, and I was just not there, nor will I probably ever be.”

Understandable, right?

“As far as Luann commenting on my departure, I was there an hour, which is probably the longest that I would ever spend at an apartment building election party. Luckily, I had school pickup.”

What is the protocol for staying late for such a party? The RHONY housewives, in particular, seem to take exception over almost everything.  Their lives are so big, but their concerns are so small and petty. Bethenny either doesn’t show up or they are upset she’s not there all night when she does show. Is she the  Real Housewife in Charge (RHIC) by default?   Is her presence needed for the wives to enjoy the events in their lives?

“So Sonja’s party–Latino Show Magazine with her on the cover is pure comedy as a concept. She did look beautiful, though, and the photography was beautiful. It just seemed a little random–like me gracing the cover of Field and Stream.”

Say it ain’t so, Bethenny? I don’t get the knock on Sonja.

“Heather did fire a random shot at her though asking about Kmart. I was literally at Kmart yesterday, a store that I LOVE, but I didn’t happen to notice any full-length, red evening gowns there. That was a little slap.”

Wait… hold on. Bethenny  must be mistaken. Heather, even if she says so, herself and repeatedly, is nothing but supportive.

“The caviar dinner was a shit stirrer. Luann has not been silent about her opinions this season. It’s the anti-Countess…(a term that Bravo and the ladies will definitely adopt). Anyway, Luann definitely commented about Dorinda and John. But Ramona can be a meddler and loves to drive the getaway car while not getting dirty. Ramona definitely commented, as well, which she conveniently left out. More to come on all of this.”

This time I can wait. I hope Dorinda isn’t going to be hurt by whatever is coming. As there are more single women on the show, are there going to be more attacks on the men in their lives?  I am shocked at how men play a much more significant role on this show than when nearly all of the HWs were married.

“P.S. Who cares who Dorinda dates? Since when do we bash people our friends are in love with or sleeping with? I’ve been royally screwed over in relationships, but no one could have told me different. We go through our process our own way. For all we know, John and Dorinda are soul mates. He is what she needs right now.”

The audience comments on wives and their relationships while making decisions about whether we find these people compelling enough to spend an hour of our time with them, each week.  It still surprises me when the wives attack each other’s families, children, or love interests. It feels as if all are going one step too far. John has yet to reveal who he really is. I guess time will tell us if Dorinda has better insight into who John is than her friends. I find it interesting that the women who have lived with cheating husbands find him the most objectionable. Is that fair to Dorinda or John?


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