Kristen Taekman Calls Out Sonja Morgan as The Ultimate Chameleon

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kristen taekman_RHONY

Kristen Taekman, star of “Real Housewives of New York,” sometimes struggles to find her voice among the bold personalities of her fellow castmates. In this week’s Bravo blog, Kristen has no problems making her opinions known. Here are few of her ponderings on some of the other ladies.

Kristen says that Mario wants Ramona back.

“It’s refreshing to hear Ramona speak so openly about her situation and so unlike Ramona to be so vulnerable, but I think it is a healthy way for her to process through it all. Typical man fashion is once the woman is done and ready to move on the guy wants you back, and “word on the street” is Mario wants her back! WOW…”

Kristen thinks Dorinda is extremely understand.

“It’s nice to see the history and friendship Ramona and Dorinda have and the fact that Dorinda can be that reliable friend for Ramona while she is going through this transition in her life. I think with all that Dorinda has been through in her life, she is extremely understanding and can provide good advice and support.” 

Kristen feels Carole is better at politics.

“How about those pigs in a blanket! I am a CT girl, and I always loved pigs in a blanket, but the smell of them taking over her whole apartment was probably not for everyone. I was dying when she said they had been in the freezer for three years. I don’t think pigs in a blanket are like fine wines and get better with time, but oh well. I ate them and loved them, and I am still here to write about it!” She added, “BTW, who wouldn’t want a PRINCESS on the board?”

Kristen just wants to give Bethenny a hug.

“Bethenny’s therapy session was really hard to watch, because it makes you realize what type of childhood she had and how much drama and probably emotional trauma she was exposed to at such an early age.” She added, “I really felt bad for her and thinking about what she went through, and it all makes sense to me on why she is probably so guarded and why it’s hard for her to trust people. I really wanted to just give her a hug and tell her how much I respect her for having to go through all that.”

Kristen calls out Sonja as the ultimate chameleon.

“One thing for sure about Sonja Morgan is she knows how to bring it, and she looked so stunning and beautiful on the cover! WOW! I am still trying to figure out the connection with Sonja Morgan, born and raised in the US, and a connection to a Latin magazine/lifestyle, but what the heck, it is Sonja Morgan, and she is the ultimate chameleon!”


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