Jenelle Evans Turns Herself In After Allegedly Attacking Her Ex, Nathan Griffith

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The romance is dead between “Teen Mom 2,” star Jenelle Evans and her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, but the drama remains red-hot with the turbulent reality pair. A police report indicates that a Tuesday night altercation between Nathan and Jenelle, has resulted in a warrant for the arrest of 23-year-old mother of two.

Griffith spoke to cops around 12:30 am, supposedly after Jenelle showed up without warning, threatening to damage his car. According to Griffith, when he went to meet her outside, he was met with Evans “slapping, punching, and trying to kick him” down the stairs. The police report states, “The victim stated he could smell alcohol coming from the offender’s person and suspected the offender of being intoxicated.”

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Evans has a long history with substance abuse, including a struggle with heroin addiction. She and Griffith share a son, a 10-month old named Kaiser. Griffith claims that Evans began hitting him in the face, choking him and “digging her nails into his back” and “clawing the back of his neck.” Police assert that Griffith suffered bruises and scratches, which were photographed as evidence. He is now seeking a restraining order against his baby mama, who is now wanted for first degree criminal domestic violence. 

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Evans turned herself in to the authorities today, according to a source close to the young mother, who also claims a different account of what went down late Tuesday. A rep for Evans jumped on disputing Griffith’s story, asserting a very different scenario. 

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“For those asking, Jenelle was at Nathan’s to pick up her son. Nathan stole her phone and refused to hand over Kaiser. This is how it started.”

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“Nathan ran over Jenelle with his truck before the incident in the police report. Jenelle is seeking charges & is ready to get the truth out.”

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A source close to the MTV personality claims that the police report is full of lies….but what about the supposed photographed evidence? “There are a lot of lies in the police report,” the source says. “Nathan set it all up. He’ll do anything to make her look bad.”

Many would argue that assessment is backwards. Griffith is one in a long line of love interests that Jenelle has turned on, when things on the home front went south. All About the Tea previously exposed the seemingly manipulative tactics of Evans, a pattern consisting of careful social media handling, coupled with damning domestic violence accusations. 

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Griffith was arrested in March after a violent altercation with Evans, as have been several other “abusive” partners, over the course of Jenelle’s dating history. The numerous and eerily similar cases present huge questions, asking who the abuser really is, in a long string of dramatic allegations. In February, Jenelle caught Nathan chatting with another woman, an MTV personality actually, and this woman later posted disturbing direct messages alleging Jenelle’s violent tendencies,

NathanStevie DM convo Jenelle Evans

Has Jenelle Evans met her match with Nathan Griffith, and will her predictable same old same, old come to a screeching halt? Those photos may hold the answer.


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