Heather Thomson Continues To Slam Sonja Morgan and Bethenny Frankel “Even Small Talk Is Difficult With Bethenny”

Posted on May 28 2015 - 7:26am by Dani-K


Heather Thomson, star of “The Real Housewives of New York,” is getting some flack for her Kmart comment to Sonja Morgan during last night’s episode. Heather tries to explain her reasoning behind the comment as well as why she and Bethenny struggle to bond in her Bravo blog. Heather wrote,

“It takes the same amount of work to develop a strategy and the collections for a branded business at Kmart (think of the Kardashians at Sears or Daisy Fuentes at Kohl’s) as it does to build a brand like Michael Kors at Bloomingdale’s or Calvin Klein at Macy’s, who both deal in multiple levels of distribution.”

Right. But Heather didn’t suggest Bloomingdale’s or Macy’s, now did she.

“It was in no way meant as an insult to ask Sonja’s business partner for clarification on their strategy for sales and distribution. Sonja describes what she is launching as an “international affordable luxury brand” and one dress worn at a party and in a random ad honestly doesn’t define it for me. But any insights regarding the strategic nature of their launch naturally could…”

Oy vey, Heather! It’s a party. Have a few drinks, loosen up and laugh a little. Maybe then you and Bethenny will click. 

“Rushing into Carole’s results party to help set up, I was surprised to see Bethenny had already made it. I was happy she had, because she’s often challenged with making dates due to her custody arrangements. Our talk about her custody of Bryn was a simple conversation to bring clarity to a topic she often discusses. I just didn’t realize that only Bethenny can address it. I feel like there are a lot of unwritten rules with her. What you can ask, what you can say, how you can feel…it’s a little tough to navigate.”

Some will say that Bethenny didn’t ask Heather to “navigate” or get “clarity” on her custody arrangements and to MYOB on Sonja’s and Bethenny’s dealings. However, Heather did come up with an “inspired” idea. 

“Even silly small talk about a tattoo idea is difficult. I’ve been dying to cover an old one and had just seenMaleficent, which was so well done, and I was inspired! But Bethenny, however, is not. Maybe a handbook would be helpful?!”

Yes, a handbook! Of course, we’ll need one for all of the ladies, not just Bethenny.

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  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    She could swallow the WORLD whole with that big ass grill…

    • bastante

      I know right wawa? And also Heather keep your big ass snout to yourself.Not everyone wants to converse with you.

  • TartLemon

    K-Mart would be better than the no-mart so far. Besides, Jackie Smith markets in K-Mart, doesn’t she? So does Sofia Vergara. Sonja doesn’t even do anything on HSN or QVC.

    I was very supportive of Sonja when she started with the toaster oven thing. Even looked forward to checking out the cook book. That went on for 3 or 4 seasons. NOTHING. I can’t come with the same support now unless Sonja shows something substantial. Those dresses I’ve seen her in supposedly from her collection were ALL ill fitting. If there were more than what Sonja has on, SOMEBODY else would be wearing them at her soirees.

    Gotta side with Heather on this one.

    • Just a jersey girl

      I wasn’t interested in the toaster oven, but heck I might have bought the cookbook

  • italiano bambino

    she always needs a target to get her venom out

  • side of Sour Cream

    You don’t need a handbook Heather, you need an etiquette book.

  • Livie1

    1. That K-Mart comment was a snipe Heather and you know it. The End.

    2. I do agree with Heather’s comment that Bethany has a set of unwritten, undisclosed rules when it comes to conversational topics with her. Personally I hate people like that and I have lots of experience in my own family with those passive/aggressive types. (Plus, see K-mart comment above, hello Heather??!!) Basically you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. You never know if something you say is going to be appreciated or set them off on a snit. I didn’t detect any malice in Heather’s question about Bethenny and her daughter.

    3. So I’m 50-50 on the Heather blog this round. Not a fan of hers but got to be honest when I agree with her once in a blue moon 😉

  • Sandra Oh

    All this fake drama, a million bucks to Bethaeny and the ratings r still in the toilet. Bring in Nene for a guest visit since she’s in NYC doing Cinderella and maybe u can boost ratings. Now a death match between Betheney and The Moose would be killer!!!

  • T’s Martini Lounge

    Jaclyn Smith has been hugely successful with Kmart for about 30 years. Its nothing to look down on!

    • Sophia Z.

      No. Not at all that it should not be looked down on. Good point, T. It’s just the way that Heather said it with inference that disturbed me. I don’t think K-Mart would do well nor do they market high end clothing that are made out of higher quality silk. (or at least that is what Sonja said it was)

  • bastante

    Heather keep your big ass snout to yourself!what an ego she has! Super inflated