Walgreens, CVS, Payless and Other Major Advertisers Withdraw Ads From TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting”

Posted on May 27 2015 - 3:25pm by Editor


The fallout continues for TLC’s popular reality TV series “19 Kids and Counting.”  TLC was forced to suspend reruns of the series in wake of the Josh Duggar molestation scandal.

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General Mills, one of the shows biggest supporters, pulled its advertising immediately after news broke. On Tuesday, Payless ShoeSource and Choice Hotels also ceased its advertising with the show as well. As of today, more than a dozen other advertisers have abandoned the show and the TLC network, including Sherwin Williams, CVS pharmacies and food giant ConAgra FoodsPayless also responded on Twitter, explaining their choice to remove advertising as well. 

Duggar Family scandal

Another major retailer severing ties with the show is Walgreens. The company responded on Twitter that it would also drop the show.

Duggar Family scandal

CVS told customers, “Thank you for reaching out. While our current advertising campaign includes the TLC network, we have not and will not advertise during the ’19 Kids and Counting’ program.”

Detractors of the network and the Duggars have been keeping pressure on advertisers and keeping tabs of who’s pulling ads or vowing not to advertise.

Marketers have proven willing in the past to ditch cable reality series that seemed likely to raise eyebrows. In late 2011, home-improvement retailer Lowe’s pulled its advertising from “All-American Muslim,”a reality series on TLC, citing complaints made by an advocacy organization known as the Florida Family Assn. TLC also quickly dropped, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” reality TV show when the Mama June dating a child molester scandal erupted. 


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  • side of Sour Cream

    money talks

  • italiano bambino

    Jim Bob should focus on the rest of those kids and be less of a famewhore.

  • Sophia Z.

    Smart decision by some smart marketing departments.

  • italiano bambino

    I wonder if the kids are aware of whats happening since they live in a bubble n no access to the outside world in regards internet restrictions

  • Mags

    OT: The same pressure should be applied to Bravo. No more convicted felons.

  • WestCoastFeed

    The NY Daily News reports that TLC is considering replacing the show with a spin-off featuring the two married daughters, Jill and Jessa. Were either of those girls molested by Josh?

    • Sophia Z.

      LMAO, probably.

      • WestCoastFeed

        I asked the same question at ROL and the reply was they are both thought to be his victims. I wonder how they would feel about being the featured parties in a spin-off where they would invariably be asked about their brother’s molestation.

        • Sophia Z.

          I cannot imagine needing that much attention that it would pull in a bunch of negativity in my life.

        • Who would ask them that on TV?

          • WestCoastFeed

            Not on the show itself but on the other social media where the show is discussed. There’d be no way of escaping the questions, would there?

          • Jennymckitty

            I don’t watch the show or follow any of them.. Are they on social media? I read that the children aren’t even allowed to watch themselves on TV. Maybe now the older ones can choose to watch TV and use the computer.

          • WestCoastFeed

            I have only learned about the show since this news broke. I’ve read that some of the kids have instagram. But surely there would be TV interviews with whatever family members scored a spin-off show. I don’t see how they could escape having to answer questions about this. The controversy would not be stopped, It would just be continued.

          • James Bogdan

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          • side of Sour Cream

            I know right? I’ve always wondered who watches this crap.

    • He molested 4 of his sisters. It’s likely those 2 are part of the 4

    • Norrth

      Who at TLC is so ridiculous that they don’t understand how even this would outrage fans!?!?! Would the parents ever be featured? Would the sisters keep referencing their great older brother? Something is wrong with the leadership of the network, IMO.

      I think the audience would see survivors robbed of the chance to seek support or justice for what happened to them.

      • Sophia Z.

        I highly doubt that they will find advertisers. Too much controversy. Most wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole.

  • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

    Any business who chooses to support this family & their show will not be getting any business from me. Total boycott.

  • Yolie

    This family is being railroaded in the press. Josh turned his life around after this scandal. He turned from his sins and went on to marry and have children. Again, he did not hide and cover up his sin even when it could have cost him everything – his very future with his spouse! He confessed to his future wife Anna a whole two years prior to them even getting engaged – something that many of us may struggle to confess given the risk of what was at stake. But he confessed all the same despite those risks and she knew his past fully when she married him. I will continue to pray for the Duggars.

    • Gabby

      I will continue to pray for his many victims!

    • Fritz the. At

      How do you know this? How do you know he hasn’t been molesting little girls all along? Pedophiles are monsters and don’t just stop until society stops them.

    • Goo Goo G’Joob

      Too bad he never saw the need to confess to a judge in a court of law in a timely manner. But not to worry, I’m still praying for him. My prayer goes like this…Dear God, please don’t let Josh Duggar step off the curb into the path of my car because I really like this car and would hate to see it all dented up. Amen.

    • Brattus Rattus

      Seriously? So you would let him babysit your daughters or granddaughters?

      • Nancy Krystofik

        Marrying Anna from trailer-court no where is part of the cover-up to mainstream Josh, like Anna had such great options with those weirdo parents she has, you know, the prison ministry. Here’s what Anna’s family seen-$$$$, and Jimmy Bob did wonders keeping that gravy train going for the entire crazy extremist bunch. I wouldn’t trust Josh around any child, girl or boy. Never have to hear that strange voiced Michelle, and her message about mixing children with the LGBT, when all along her own son is the real menace to society.

  • TartLemon

    This Family’s carbon footprint sickens me. Their bigotry and hate speech are not appreciated, either. Lecture me all anyone wants, but I live withing a few miles of the Duggars and am well aware of how the community really responds to them and their propensity to act all high and mighty with their vile cult rhetoric.

  • Kay

    Why or why am I not reading something like this about the kardashians, I would love to see the show cancelled…

  • She Codes

    TLC as a whole should be censured. I am 100% convinced that they knew about this and still chose to give this family a platform to display their hypocritical life. If someone was writing Oprah and posting all over the internet, trust me they contacted TLC also. That network’s greed has no bounds, and I am taking steps to have it removed from my cable plan.

  • whose gonna do my hair!

    We don’t support “KIDDIE TOUCHERS”!!!

  • whose gonna do my hair!

    Hitting in the pocketbook is the only way they will lose their power. Without money and support, there is no power.

  • Brattus Rattus

    While working where I work, one of the men was found to be a kiddie porn buyer and seller. It was a massive effort. Here and overseas. He had a “type”. So disgusting. I used to bring my niece to social events at work (Christmas, beach parties, etc.) but after he was brought up on charges I stopped because she was his “type”. I was asked to testify on the morale at work and how it had changed since his arrest. Right before I went to testify, my boss at the time, said I had “nerve” to make my Command look bad by testifying against a man she considered innocent. I replied, “I can’t comment on the case but I will ask you this, would you allow him to babysit your granddaughter?”
    She said no.
    He served numerous years and is a registered sex offender. There are many more details but that’s the jest.

  • WestCoastFeed

    Mr. Housewife posts that TLC has removed the tab to the show from its main website. Why? To slow down emails from the outraged? Are they getting ready to drop the show?