Kim Richards Suffers Drunken Relapse at Daughter’s Wedding; Sober Coach Quits!

Posted on May 27 2015 - 8:12am by Avigail

All About the Tea_Kim Richards attends Brook's Wedding_RHOBH

As previously reported, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kim Richards, ditched rehab over the weekend to attend her daughter’s second wedding in Cabo San Lucas, placing herself at risk for a relapse. Now a new report is confirming the worse case scenario, Kim suffered a relapse at the wedding, according to TMZ. 

Sources claim, Kim was a hot “mess.” The melt down was so bad that Kim’s sober coach quit. Allegedly, the sober coach couldn’t control Kim and departed Mexico immediately after the wedding.

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Wedding guests claim, Kim’s behavior was so ratchet, her daughter, Brooke, has cut all ties with her mother. Brooke vowed she won’t speak with her mom again.

Eyewitnesses report, Kim was either on high on drugs or alcohol, “Kim was clearly under the influence of something. Whatever Kim took or drank, she did so in private, but when she interacted with people at the wedding she was.”

Snitches at the wedding further disclose, Kim said vile things to her daughter right after the wedding. Adding, Kim cursed out the groom’s family and was aggressive and confrontational.

According to sources, Kim is on the lam someplace in Cabo. She was scheduled to return to the rehab facility on Monday but has not done so.

This is the outcome many feared upon learning Kim attended the wedding. A party with alcohol is not a conducive environment for a recovering addict to thrive in.

We’ll keep Kim in our prayers because she’s going to need divine intervention to help her through this.


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  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    The look on Portia’s face in the pic is like…’Great! I get to hold up the drunk of the family’

    • Dani-K


    • Rochelle Barozzi


  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    Did someone count Kim’s bathroom trips?!

    …EVERYBODY KNOWS *in my Phaedra voice* that Kim gets her fix in the nearest bathroom…

    • Goo Goo G’Joob

      I told the restroom attendants at the resort that they had to hide all the air freshener and cleaning products with Kim around, but did they listen to me?? NO!!!! :o(

      • WaWaWaWHAT!

        She probably brought her own LOL

  • DLister

    Damn, what’s up with the blonde on the right? She looks like she has to poop and pee so bad. Awkward!

    • Livie1


    • misstc

      Yeah, and kinda looks like she has a butt implant? LOL

  • Guardian

    Monty wasn’t the only one too sick to attend this second wedding. Knowing addicts, I have little doubt that Kim couldn’t wait to get to this event and use – with no plans to return to rehab or a delayed return laced with excuses. If this story is accurate, I hope the “family” leaves her MIA in Cabo. They have to end the enabling – especially her big sister. The time is up for excuses and playing into her games (has been for years). If she ends up in jail in Cabo, so be it – and they should leave her there – alone to fend and figure things out for herself. I don’t know if there is a lot of hope for Kim but do know that anyone who is abetting her is diminishing that hope.

  • itsjustme

    This does not surprise me in the least. All I’m waiting for now is just how many excuses she’ll use to explain her behavior. She’ll claim mental exhaustion from working so hard in rehab. The stress of Monty not being able to be at the wedding, She’s been sober the whole time and all the “eyewitness” accounts are false.

  • Livie1

    This must have been what prompted the Kathy Hilton twitter “call home” appeal thing during the re-wedding event.

  • Livie1

    I do love the “according to sources, Kim is on the lam someplace in Cabo” My my my Kim….

  • Goo Goo G’Joob

    I will not be the least bit surprised if the next news item about Kim is her obituary. It’s more than apparent she will not stop until it kills her.

  • Jennymckitty

    I wonder how true this story is. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kim fell off the wagon but she is usually at her nastiest when she is sober. I could see a sober Kim fighting with Brooke and the groom’s family easier than a high Kim. When she is using, she is usually more scattered and silly. Time will tell how much truth is in this story. We can count on Brandi spilling some version on a future interview or podcast. Of course, this will somehow be Kyle’s fault.

    • bali1228

      Um, she was plastered when she assaulted the cop and got tossed out of the Polo Lounge (?) recently. Kim is just nasty, period.

    • Guardian

      I agree to a point Jenny but I also remember her behavior in the limo with Lisa R., and her behavior at the poker party that evening. She admitted to taking a pill given to her by Monty and I found her actions then quite nasty. I wish a lot for this person but . . .

      • Jennymckitty

        Yes, she was intermittently mean but she seems so unfocused in those situations that she is off to something new in no time. I believe the reports from production that say she was the most sober this season. She sustained her anger for entire scenes this year. The limo ride it was sadness, anger, and goofy all in one hour.
        She could have been high at the wedding. Maybe she mixed the wrong combo of meds.

        • dj j

          as someone who is in recovery…this girl was not sober the entire season.

    • side of Sour Cream

      good point Jenny!

    • dj j

      I doubt we have EVER seen Kim completely sober

  • RubyT

    she went to rehab under pressure, and she just doesn’t want to be clean and sober. if she did, she wouldn’t have gone to this wedding in the first place.

  • Jersey

    Kim doesn’t want to be sober. There’s nothing anyone can do to help her until she truly wants to be sober. :/

    • side of Sour Cream

      Exactly. Her family needs to face the truth that being wasted is more important to her than they are.

  • bali1228

    Anybody surprised? Will anybody be surprised when they find Kim’s body in a Mexican hotel room? Yeah, didn’t think so. Next…

  • This is the saddest thing I’ve probably ever seen. If Bravo brings Kim back next season, they are begging for catastrophe. They need to separate themselves from Kim, because at this point, she’s a liability to not only herself, but to others around her, as well.

    • Dani-K

      I agree. Bravo needs to be very careful. I feel if they fire her, though, it will push Kim over the edge. Perhaps just knock her down to “friend” status. Of course, some would say that’s enabling. I really don’t know how to handle this.

      • Right. I believe I read somewhere that she’s no longer receiving child support so this show is her only fair share of income. She’s one of the few Housewives to not branch off of this gravy train. Maybe Friend status would be better than to not just outright fire her, since like you said, she may just lose it completely. Hadn’t really thought of that option.

        • Weeds1

          The thing is, Bravo isn’t a social service provider. They’re not responsible (and shouldn’t be) for keeping anyone sober or fixing lives. They need to let her go. She has to find her own rock bottom before she can be helped.

      • bali1228

        Over the edge is where she needs to be. If she never hits bottom she’ll never get help.

        • dj j

          you are so right. She needs to really mess up this time, and hope nobody saves her from herself. She needs to hit bottom, it wont be fun, but it HAS to happen. If she thinks she can hire a sober coach instead of

      • dj j

        I think that is why they kept her on after she messed up the first time. She went on the reunion and said how great the show was for her, and gushed about how it helped her stay sober. I think she guilted them into it. I hope they dont fall for it again

    • Livie1

      Breanna I’m usually very sympathetic to people in turmoil who are experiencing significant pain, but in Kim’s case, that sympathy stopped a couple seasons ago. If she won’t get help, then she has to suffer the consequences. To have made this latest rehab stint into an absolute joke falls on no ones shoulders but Kim’s.

      I agree with you, Bravo is not The Betty Ford Clinic and they need to step away from her.

      • Me too. I’ve been hard on her in the past, as well, and she doesn’t take her path to recovery seriously, which is a complete shame. I don’t want to see that SPECIFIC headline about her one day. It’s just sad.

  • Rochelle Barozzi

    Good for her Daughter, it s time they all cut ties. Only Kim can save herself. I was not surprised at all.

  • Livie1

    Like Twi’s done before with Juicy and Tre, I wish she was around so she could show us Kim on the lam in Mexico in a Little Tikes car.. Arriba!!!!

  • pixntrix

    Is anyone really surprised?

    • Paul Hampton

      hey i am new to this, sorry if i seemed odd, but i need to be show around and am looking for new friends, hope ur friendly and not mean! i must go , btw Just a quicky ,,, YA right… lol i think that Nobody was shocked to see this one! i agree miss Pixntrix.

  • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

    This woman needs to be put on a hold before she kills herself or someone else. She is way beyond out of control & has now gone into being a serious danger to herself & others.

    • Livie1

      Tiger, I’m mainly concerned for the welfare of others at this point. She’s a menace to society if she’s getting behind the wheel of a car.

      • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

        Oh my word! Livie I can only hope & pray that someone will be there to stop her, because it’s never the drunk that dies. (Not that I would want Kim to die. I’m just posting fact.). But it is always the innocent victim who usually pays the ultimate price.

      • Karma

        That’s what’s worring me if she wants to kill herself that’s her choice but once she gets behind a wheel she’s putting everyone on that road in extreme danger if she kills a family or a child or a mum or dad God forbid, I truly hope they put her in jail & throw away the keys.

        I’m hoping when the court case starts the judge revokes her licence until she’s been clean & sober for 10yrs. this women shouldn’t be aloud to have a drivers licence.

  • whose gonna do my hair!

    Persons, Places and things that are bad for recovering was not avoided. I don’t believe for one minute that she had the willingness to get well. Jail, institutions or death?

  • TartLemon

    Every drink/drug Kim ingests is her CHOICE. She knows the consequences. Calling it a ‘disease’ is just another excuse for Kim to make detrimental CHOICES.

    If Kim wanted to quit, SHE WOULD! I don’t really give a crap if she wants to drink/drug to death. Her life, her CHOICE. I just don’t want he dragging innocent people into her CHOICES. I also don’t give a rats ass if people want to blow their $$$ sending her to rehab after rehab. Stupid as it is, their $$$ their CHOICE.

  • Karma

    Kim is missing drunk & stoned somewhere & of course it’s not her fault she’s drinking & drugging ciz Brooke has decided not to speak to kim ever again after ruining her wedding. It’s always everyone else’s fault hey kim never Kim fault.

    I know an addict when I see one I work with addicts kim has never been sober nor dies she want to be sober she’s only going through the motions to stay outta jail which she’s fucked that up & also going through the motions 2 get everyone off her back.

    Kim needs a LOONNGG stay rehab not a 28day spa of even a 3 month rehab kim needs min 6 months in a real rehab.

  • Aleggra

    How can the family not know where Kim is? I think they know & just aren’t telling. With as much money as that family has, they’re going to leave her in a small Mexican town by herself? Doubtful. She’s probably home & they all know. Didn’t Kyle just say she was fine a few days ago? How would she know if no one knows where she is? Besides, Cabo is a small town where it’s not easy to hide.