Does Teresa Giudice Have The Most Rabid Fans of The ‘Housewives’ Franchise?

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Teresa Giudice_RHONJ

Last night, Bethenny Frankel appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” and for a change of pace, Bethenny grilled host Andy Cohen.

Bethenny asked Andy many unique questions and one of the most comical questions centered around, Teresa Giudice rabid fans, known as “tre (pronounced tree) huggers.”

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Teresa Giudice, former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star with the real tiny forehead, refers to her fans as TreHuggers. Andy Cohen educates us about “TreHuggers” and from his description, the group sounds like a cult like following.


Never mind the fact that Teresa Giudice is a convicted felon currently serving a 15-month prison sentence for fraud, her die-hard “TreHugger” fans love love love her and will cut a b*tch over their idol Teresa!

Teresa Giudice

I’m always fascinated by the crazy obsession Teresa Giudice fans share. The reality star is in prison and has a cult following…why not? Even Charles Manson has fans. I guess it’s an attraction to tiny foreheads some will never understand.


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