Kandi Burruss Explains Why She Didn’t Console NeNe Leakes During Her Breakdown At The #RHOA Reunion

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Last night, Bravo decided to have the viewers relive the (trauma) drama of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta“season seven’s reunion. It is fitting, then, that Kandi Burruss’ reflections on the infamous breakdown scene and why she felt  it wasn’t appropriate for her to comfort her castmate:

“Overall, Nene and I have been arguing that whole day and I am not the person that she would have wanted to console her,” Kandi tells The Post. “And secondly, if the shoe was on the other foot, she would not have come to console me.”

Was Kandi’s insight wise or self-serving? In light of Leakes’ comments about the co-stars who reached out to her, I would say that Kandi’s comments were dead on! How did Leakes’ thank and respect the kindness her castmates showed her? With the following post via Instagram,

“MOVING ON……I reached out to majority of the ladies after the reunion to thank them for their support & kindness that day because they seemed to show support during my breakdown. But I find it hard to believe that some of their intentions were genuine and sincere!”


Ms. Burruss-Tucker proves that she probably knows NeNe better than anyone else. She notes,

“If I got up to console Nene, I would be fake. So I just chose to be real with myself,” she added. “I did not know what she was crying about so I was not going to jump up to her rescue.”

Kandi has bigger fish to fry and better things to worry about. Her newest spin-off, “Kandi’s Ski trip” has begun  airing on Bravo with two parts remaining. About her new show she adds,

“I am born and raised in Atlanta and I am very country and I have a definite accent, but when I get around my family, it gets worse!” she shared. “So I laughed so hard at points watching because it reminds me of the black Beverly Hillbillies… . “The funny thing is, the show is called the Ski Trip, but it’s not really about the skiing! You don’t even really see that much skiing going on,” she said. “It’s about the dynamics of these families.”

I’ve seen part one, she’s not exaggerating! You can check out part two, next week! Good luck to the Tuckers. I hope they survive the Old Lady Gang, who seem to have made cousin Weenie an honorary member.

P.S. Matthew? Is there anyone who wouldn’t want this guy as a personal assistant? Matthew is a spin-off in the making!  He is too good to be for real. Don Juan and Carmon had better start bringing their “A” game… unless we’ve seen it and then we’re just sad for them.


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