Sheree Whitfield’s Chateau Sheree Update: It’s Almost Finished! [VIDEO]

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 Sheree Whitfield_RHOA

They said it would never happen. They called it “Neverland,” but it looks as though Sheree Whitfield’s Georgia mansion is finally getting close to completion and she’s getting the last laugh. 

The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star started construction on her dream home four years ago. We’re pleased to report, Chateau Sheree has progressed tremendously and will be ready for move-in day very soon.

Chateau Sheree_RHOA

In a new video posted on YouTube, a new neighbor of Sheree’s drops by the house to take a peek at the progress. The home has come a long way since it started and it’s clear that they’re getting a whole lot closer to completion.

“The house is lovely!” The new neighbor exclaims upon seeing the almost-finished palatial estate.

In part two of the tour, the neighbor is accompanied by one of the builders and taken around to the back of the property. Take a look at how far into construction the project has come.

Congrats Sheree Whitfield


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