Sheree Whitfield’s Chateau Sheree Update: It’s Almost Finished! [VIDEO]

Posted on May 24 2015 - 9:44am by Editor

 Sheree Whitfield_RHOA

They said it would never happen. They called it “Neverland,” but it looks as though Sheree Whitfield’s Georgia mansion is finally getting close to completion and she’s getting the last laugh. 

The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star started construction on her dream home four years ago. We’re pleased to report, Chateau Sheree has progressed tremendously and will be ready for move-in day very soon.

Chateau Sheree_RHOA

In a new video posted on YouTube, a new neighbor of Sheree’s drops by the house to take a peek at the progress. The home has come a long way since it started and it’s clear that they’re getting a whole lot closer to completion.

“The house is lovely!” The new neighbor exclaims upon seeing the almost-finished palatial estate.

In part two of the tour, the neighbor is accompanied by one of the builders and taken around to the back of the property. Take a look at how far into construction the project has come.

Congrats Sheree Whitfield


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  • Sophia Z.


  • DSS

    I have no dog in this fight so good for her.
    My house isnt as big but it is my dream house cause I own it LOL

  • Beautiful pic of Sheree! Take that Nene. I really hope Sheree gets the final laugh and returns to the RHOA. That would KILL moose. LOL.

    • rasta

      ….umm, sorry Seusseroo. As yo you can see, most of footage was taken of ground. There’s a reason for that. Actual real neighbor’s house is only about ten feet away. Bus stop maybe 20ty? No, I ddon’t think Mrs. LEAKES would dare spend a night there. It’s great to see it nearly finished though. I sincerely wish the best for Sheree. She’s truly been through a lot. Also wish her goals and means had been more realistic because even though you have a house like that, I’m sure you also have a mortgage and all that goes with it. Meanwhile…Mrs. Leakes is probably sipping on a mamosa with her toes being dipped in rose petaled milk bath. Her neck massaged by the man of the house and her beautiful veneers sparkling in the Sugarloaf Estates mid day sun. Aaaaah.**sigh**…I could only wish for a day of her fabulous life.

      • Hay Rasta. I like Sheree and can’t stand Nene. Nene is a big bad bully.

        • rasta

          LOL! We have our passions.

      • Livie1

        Rasta there was a lot of traffic noise too in that ridiculous video; made me wonder just where that thing was being built.

  • Livie1

    Mr SinSayTion is no Steven Spielberg.

    • Bahahahaha! HILARIOUS!

      • Mr_SinSayTion

        You wanna be commentators really have no life

    • rasta

      His name speaks volumes. Okay, sorry…volume.

      • Mr_SinSayTion

        My name speaks volumes and rings bells. Check that, I’m well known in the industry just under an alias… do your research

    • Mr_SinSayTion

      The second video I did not know my camera on my phone was still on, but it is what it is

  • rasta

    Looking more thoroughly @at footage, I was wondering if she’d opt for evergreens for privacy wall instead of that cyclone fence. She really did a no no choosing what looks to be a 6ft stucco wall. That should be a burglar’s dream! She’s gonna have a hard time selling this baby. IJS

  • undergroundrailroadtrain

    And now her children are older and moving out headed to college. Nothing like a big mansion to enhance that empty nest syndrome. Otherwise I would love to see her return to RHOA. They brought back Dina to Jersey and Bethanny to New York

    • So true! I hope they bring her back also.

    • dj j

      why are these women so stupid? Who needs all that space, especially when she will be living alone. She would have been better off saving her money and investing it, rather than blowing it on astronomical bills just for utilities. Get an apartment in the city, Sheree

      • Livie1

        Keeping up with the Joneses!!

        I agree dj j, a beautiful condo or apartment would have been a much better choice for many reasons.

    • Linda Blansky

      The other two women did not need the paycheck .

  • Deborah Allen

    Hasn’t it been “almost finished” for 3 years now?

    • fred

      all she cares about that the house is bigger than neighneigh,s stall and kimmies house if cards

      • Linda Blansky

        Really? She lost that battle. Her house is not even close to any of theirs.

    • Linda Blansky

      She has all kinds of side jobs like guest appearances. That is how she was able to nickel and dime her home build. She also teaches exercise classes.

  • dj j

    how is she going to afford this? Her children are grown, the child support will be stopping soon, and she will lose the house because she can’t pay property taxes.

  • T’s Martini Lounge

    I thought she wanted to get it finished, then sell it. No way she can afford to live in it, does she even work these days?

    • Linda Blansky

      Yes she is back at a reduced salary. I bet she wishes she was getting that Leakes check. I hope she checks Toxic Trick

  • Trippinhhard

    Poor Sheree, I like her on the show, but she was one ungrateful woman.. But the best one liner she said ” who’s going to check me Boo” I spit out my cola, laughing my butt off. I actually feel sorry for her, trying to live a lifestyle she can no longer afford.. I just don’t fathom, how you can be so Rich, but save no money? That is just ass backwards, saving and maxing out your 401K these days is the only way to have anything.. Most corporation are no longer giving out retirement benefits… This I know for a fact. The only thing I can suggest, don’t live like others, live within your means and be HAPPY., I’m so happy and blessed I was raised that thingees are nothing, it not how many thingees you have.. It’s what us your net worth and how much cash you have stashed away.. Because for ANY National Emergency, cash money is the only thing you can use.. They don’t take credit or bank cards when their no electricity… Now that’s just a fact.. I’m so good, I feel like I own and earned everything we own, my husband and I worked extremely hard for everything.. But child it’s not like retiring @40yrs old, it was my goal in life since I was 13yrs old.. The only way in goungyback to work JESUS would have to whisper it to me…awwww Jesus is so awesome and this is just real talk..

    • Elizabeth Fisher

      “Who’s gonna check me, Boo” may be one of the greatest lines ever uttered on a HW show.

      • Trippinhhard

        It is to me, but the ATL ladies all have great one liners.. But Sheree stood up to that ugly arse man, trying to yell at a women, when she paying for his services.. He was a disgraceful man to me….

        • Linda Blansky

          I think the issue was she was not paying for services. However she was very demanding and rude.

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  • colleen

    Who ever her creditors are, should have their heads examined. She’s broke

  • King Best

    This Faggot went on this lady’s property just to make a video and be messy. SMH! The lengths people go to attention!!

    • Mr_SinSayTion

      I went to support sheree, the media always made her look bad, I support her and showed that she’s doing good. She reached out to me after all this and thanked me for being loyal

    • peacesrc

      Shut up. No one cared about you

    • Intelligence404

      Mr SinSayTion, Im curious to know exactly what street you live on…I dont need your address…but I am curious…because you see, I live a few blocks from where this house is being built and Im just wondering since you say shes your neighbor…no shade or anything

  • Mr_SinSayTion

    I never expected nor thought my two videos would ever go VIRAL on multiple Atlanta blog sites. As stated in the videos “I’m very proud of my neighbor Sheree.” I only spoke positive on her because the media has trashed her name since she left RHOA but she has her own Coins as Mrs. NeNe Leakes would say. Sheree is still getting good money. People should be more supportive to her instead of bashing her, how would you feel if it was YOU? FYI Sheree Whitfield owns the house with NO mortgage on it. Can you say that for other RHOA stars besides Phaedra Parks and Khandi Tucker? I have been contacted by Sheree Whitfield and her assistant and they both have thanked me for being positive and loyal.

    Now, Who gon’ check me boo?
    Ig: Mr_SinSayTion

    • Linda Blansky

      She’s a back stabber. Watch out.

    • Sliceo’pie

      So the house is no longer in her mothers name – in order for Sheree to avoid creditors?Sheree has a long history of lying-especially about her finances and that home, in particular.
      I wouldn’t be so quick to believe what comes out of this woman’s mouth. Just because she tells you something, doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

  • Simpson27

    I hope she is able to complete this project very soon, and I wish her and her loved ones well.

  • lady j

    Well, I wish her the best with it all. She needs to get some investments and maybe a small business together to maintain that property. Since her kids are abit older. May have been better to get a Townhouse. But,if no mortgage! She can maintain and maybe do a at home business. She by Sheree?