Josh Duggar’s Wife Speaks Out! Ann Duggar Confirms She Was Fully Aware of Josh’s Molestation Past

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Josh Duggar of TLC’s reality TV show “19 Kids and Counting” has admitted to inappropriate touching of several of his sisters as a teen. He has characterized this behavior as “teen curiosity.” According to Duggar, his parents were aware of his actions and sent everyone involved to counseling to help resolve their issues. 

Was Ann Duggar, Josh’s wife and mother of his children aware of his past? Were her parents made aware of his actions prior to being allowed to court and marry her? The short answer is YES! Read Ann Duggar’s official statement below:

Duggar Molestation Scandal Ann Family Statement

How are Michelle and Jim Bob handling this revelation?  What follows is the official Duggar response, from the family’s Facebook page:

Duggar Scandal Facebook Tweet

Josh has resigned his position as the Executive Director of the Family Research Council Action organization in Washington, DC. The Family Research Council is a conservative Christian lobbying organization, Josh took the job in June 2013. Duggar is notably as famous for his opposition to same-sex marriage and against Abortion rights as he is as a cast member of his parents’ reality show.


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