PHOTOS: Slade Smiley Lands Role in “Texas Rising” on History Channel

Posted on May 21 2015 - 7:32am by Norrth Cafe

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Once a real housewife has a foot in the door, it stays planted. No real housewife disappears, forever, no matter how much Bravo tries! Gretchen Rossi has new reason for excitement. Her fiance, Slade Smiley, has been cast in “Texas Rising” – a ten-hour, five-part miniseries event which chronicles the storied birth of the great state of Texas. The series airs on the History Channel network, beginning Memorial Day – Check your local listings.

Slade Smiley_RHOC

Smiley appears in one episode according to the Internet Movie Database. Also starring in the mini-series are Bill Paxton, Brendan Fraser, Ray Liotta, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Olivier Martinez, Thomas Jane, Crispin Glover, Rhys Coiro, Jeremy Davies, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Christopher McDonald, Max Thieriot, Chad Michael Murray, Trevor Donovan, Robert Knepper, Jeff Fahey, Rob Morrow and Kris Kristofferson.

Slade Smiley_RHOC

Gretchen wishes her husband-to-be well via Twitter along with a photo of Slade in a scene from the show.

Slade Smiley_RHOC

“Texas Rising” is a ten-hour, five-part miniseries event that premieres over Memorial Day weekend on back-to-back nights before then airing every Monday night at 9|8c on the History channel. 

The premier episode airs on Monday, May 25 at 9:00 pm ET|PT.



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  • Jennymckitty

    Despite Slade appearing on the show for 50 seconds, this sounds good. We will probably watch. I’m always looking for ways to bring history to life for my son.

    • Peace

      Good parenting. It’s really nice to see such a great example. Happy holiday 🙂

      • Jennymckitty

        Thank you, Peace. My son is in the autism spectrum and is is far easier for him to learn visually. Once her becomes interested, he can retain a lot by reading. I record a lot on History Channel and Smithsonian. They really have some great programs.

  • DLister

    Wow, that’s really cool! He looks great — fits that era and place perfectly. Good for him.

  • I saw the commercials and was planning on watching anyway. Good for Slade that he landed a job. I know this must have been a huge ego boost and I’m sure he’s grateful for the paycheck.

  • honeybunny

    good for him… an opportunity to work with a host of all star a list cast of seasoned actors. I hope he takes advantage of networking

  • Yolie

    I didn’t know Slade was an actor. He sure has the cowboy look down to a tee. I will have to check out the show.

  • TartLemon

    Good for Slade. Actors have to work a certain amount to retain their insurance, don’t they? I wonder how Grayson is doing.

  • Norrth

    So who wants to tell Tamra and Vicki? I would love to see their faces when they find out.

  • undergroundrailroadtrain

    I’ll watch not because of Slade but because I like the channel. I enjoyed the Hatfield and McCoy series

  • WestCoastFeed

    I’ll watch to see if Kris Kristofferson has as many wrinkles as I do, after all these years since we graduated.

    • Did you 2 attend HS together?

      • WestCoastFeed

        College, but I was a year ahead of him, I think.

        • OMG! That’s awesome. Were you 2 friends? Did you interact with him?

          • WestCoastFeed

            No, I didn’t know him. A good friend of mine was in the glee club with him. He was quiet. Very bright. In fact he became a Rhodes scholar. I knew Richard Chamberlain better.

          • A Rhodes scholar? WOW! That’s impressive. And you knew Richard Chamberlain? I’m equally as impressed.

  • RealitytvJunkie

    The History channel always does a good job with their series. I’ll tune in to watch Slade lol.

  • italiano bambino

    Good for him. Now Tammy head exploded in C*NT FITNESS

    • Ahahaha! I’m sure Tamra was super happy for Slade. LOL!

  • Sophia Z.

    I’m going to be a Negative Nellie here. Most people already have a less than respectful view of Texas as it is, this guy is just pouring salt in the wound.