Kristen Taekman Talks Bethenny’s Trust Issues

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When I think of “Real Housewives of New York” star Kristen Taekman, sometimes it reminds me that pretty is just pretty, nothing more. She may not be a favorite, but I at least admire the balance she brings. There are times when she is too much to handle and others when she (positively) lights things up. 

“I would like to start out by saying how amazing Ramona’s friends are. I know that Bettheny was saying that she didn’t have much in common with any of these women. At first glance neither did I, but in the end we had Ramona in common and sometimes just having a mutual friend in common is enough.”

Shade? Was the Bethenny comment an underhanded attempt to address her feelings about why she believes she could have fit in at the birthday party – you know, since they had friends in common? I didn’t understand the need to mention Bethenny, but maybe the comment was as  innocent as misspelling her name.

“I have gotten to know Ramona’s friends over the past few years and I must say they are all very lovely, giving, beautiful, supportive women. Many of them are very successful in their own right. During the event, many of them stood up and spoke about their friendships with Ramona. It was so wonderful to see how much all of them care for her and support her. It’s also heartwarming to see how strong of a support system Ramona has. And might I add that Ramona has never looked better!”

It’s a lovely sentiment. I wonder if Kristen views her past relationship and conflicts with Ramona in a different light after the luncheon. I certainly see Ramona differently and now think of the RHONY as her “work friends.”

“Sonja and the Swami Priestess!? UGH! That Yogi friend of hers gets on my nerves!”

Ditto, and I am NOT burning a candle to rid the environment of negative energy after saying it.

“Therapy with Bettheny was difficult to watch. At this point I have not really gotten to know her at all, so watching this made me and everyone else, I’m sure, just want to give her a hug. She has so much going on past, present, and wondering about her future. And now a kid is involved! She said that she needs help to navigate and she has a hard time trusting…I was thinking this was only applicable to men, but I guess it’s friends, too. Huh…good to know. It’s sad to me that she isn’t able to trust people. Not everyone is out to get her.”

I am guessing it will be harder for Bethenny to believe that not everyone is out to get her when others dedicate blogs to attacking her character or fuse talking head interviews to  admonish her for not leaving a child with whom she has limit time at home with a sitter. It must all be in Bethenny’ s head.

“At first it was hard to see these guys beating each other up, but after a few beers, ohhhhh I was into it! So, normally the front row is the place to be. Ahhhhh, but NOT at a boxing match! Ewwwww! I am such a germ freak. To make things worse, that mouth guard flew out of his mouth and his spit went everywhere on my leg, in my hand and in my beer!!! Yuck! Sooo gross!!! Thank goodness for my hand sanitizer!”

I was grossed out for Kristen. She was a good sport! I would have moved to the back row or gone home to shower.

“When Bettheny sits down at the restaurant to order a drink while waiting for her friend and the waiter asks her if she is familiar with the menu, her comment was hilarious! I was peeing my pants, she is so witty, I love it!”

I think Bethenny must be someone whose humor is easier to see when it is directed at someone else.

“It’s nice to see that Lu and Bethany have a great friendship. After all these years they can pick up right where they left off! Victoria’s art is so captivating! Sexy! Congrats to her, what a huge deal to be part of such a prominent show! It was sweet to see Lu get emotional over her kids, they really are great children, and she is a wonderful mommy! The whole clown thing was very bizarre and freaked me out! Art? Really?”

I agree all the way on each point. Watching Bethenny and Luann together made me realize something. I don’t miss the “old days” of this franchise, it was never one of my favorites. I do like what the original wives bring to the franchise, today. Sorry new wives.

“Ramona and Dorinda’s work out. Not much to say about this other than how fantastic and strong and beautiful Ramona looks! She is so incredibly fit! Sonja’s workout is hilarious, she is so busy! I met her trainer, who is very sweet! Did anyone else notice that Sonja was working out in her bathroom?”

The wives were killing it. I don’t understand how Dorinda has that body and never works out. I also wonder why Sonja was working out in the bathroom. She seems to be shy about filming around her house, this season – unless this out normal routine to allow her to jump in the shower immediately afterward.

“Carole and Adam seem so sweet together and really enjoying getting to know each other. It’s cute to see them chatting on the phone. It’s always so fun when it’s new, I think Carole was actually blushing! Carole, get back to work! Write that BOOK!”

I don’t see “sweet” with Carole and Adam. Unless Bravo’s editing  monkeys turned his side of the conversation down, he didn’t seem to laugh at her jokes or seem jokey and giddy along with her. Was he returning his call or does he call on his own?  It feels forced.

“Bettheny meeting up with her stepdad after 25 years! Wow, this is some heavy and humbling stuff. I can’t even begin to imagine.”

Somehow it feels that given her earlier comments, Kristen missed the significance of that meeting.


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