Bethenny Frankel Slams Kristen Taekman “Pretty Not Smart Enough To Realize That I’m Going Through a Divorce”

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RHONY_Bethenny Frankel

Everyone has a story to tell and right now, I think that Bethenny and Ramona are the two real housewives with the most compelling stories to share. Both break my heart, for different reasons. As Bethenny shares her story, it might be heartbreaking for you, as well:

“Freud would have a field day with the fact that I’ve procrastinated writing this blog.  Tonight is different. Overall, there is a conversation about time spent with children. Pretty may be smarter than I think but not quite smart enough to realize that I’m going through a divorce, and my precious moments are divided. My balance as a mother and business person is knowing that I spend every moment possible with my daughter.”

I was stunned by the pretty ugly snark about Bethenny’s situation. A loving mom sharing custody  would rather spend her children’s sleeping hours with them than with a group of women who whine about insignificant matters and treat manufactured  drama as if it was real. I thought Kristen’s comments were incredibly self-centered and disrespectful.

“The one thing that is said universally is that it goes by so quickly. I may have made some money, but I am not “nannied” up, and I don’t go out with girlfriends when I can be with my child. “Child care” doesn’t get me more time with my angel. As I said about the conversation with Luann, this is the easiest decision I will ever have to make.”

Can you hear me cheering for Bethenny? Things just got real, again, on RHONY!

“I can talk about the clown or about the ladies, but I gather that you want me to talk about the scene with my stepfather. It has been a long time coming, and as I wrote in A Place of Yes, I don’t wear my story. I, genuinely, am not angry. I think I have longed for a person to discuss the craziness of my past with. I’m an only child and essentially an orphan, so there is no one I can turn or talk to that can acknowledge what I remember to be true. I do think that people do their best; all I can do is pay it forward by being the best mother to my daughter that I can possibly be.”

I have to eat a little crow, myself. I bought into the story that she was just another rich girl who attended private schools and whined about her tough childhood just for street cred. Her life was hard and that discussion helps me better understand why she can’t tolerate drama queens crying over not attending the parties of people who barely know them or who whine about being better than a “plus one.”

I give her father credit for taking responsibility for some of her childhood pain. How many more people could /would be healed if everyone did this?

“We all have our stuff. I do have to take a moment and acknowledge something that recently happened. Ramona reached out to me to say how sorry she is about something that occurred between us in the past. She had relived a moment, and it triggered something in her. I really am happy to be back. Some of the stuff I have experienced in the past few years is much worse than my past. I am using this experience for good, and I am enjoying being on this journey with you. We have been through so much together since the beginning, and I know there are many puzzle pieces missing.”

I  hope the respect between Frankel and Singer continues. They are far more alike than different. Also, I must be her PR person’s dream viewer. This episode makes me want to trust her version of what’s happened in her marriage more than I have in the past (not that she was waiting on my approval).


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