TreHuggers Unite! Teresa Giudice’s Fans Attempt To Make Her Birthday Extra Special Behind Bars

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Joe and Teresa Giudice are used to big pricey birthday blowouts, but this year is the mother of all years for downsizing, as Teresa faces her 43rd birthday, behind bars. “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star’s family has been visiting her regularly, and a weekend visit is probably all that can be expected, to mark a darkly different May 18th. 

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However, her fans do not want to let such a special day go unnoticed, and one of her biggest fans has kicked off a campaign to let her favorite “Housewife” diva know that she is loved, and worth a couple of bucks of effort.  A post by @Team_Giudice popped onto the official fan page, on May 14th. “Teresa Giudice #65703-050 Bday May 18! Send Cards please!!”

Teresa Giudice_RHONJ

Watch out Danbury! Your zip code is about to be flooded with Hallmarks…right? Not so fast! This rousing to action tweet should have been racking up the retweets by the thousands…and Trehuggers across the country should be favoring the blurb, in loving support of their beloved table-flipper. As of now, this tweet has only been “liked” five times, and has yet to receive a single retweet. So what gives? Is fan support simply petering out, due to Teresa’s lack of dramatic presence? An ordinary felon inmate is certainly not as jazzy as a mouthy reality star, after all. 

The bigger question asks if is this just a fluke, or a true indicator of plummeting fan support for the criminal Jersey mother of four. Perhaps being alone with her thoughts on her birthday, is just the beginning of the end.  Happy 43rd birthday Teresa…here’s to a year of growth and change.     


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