Patti Stanger Speaks Out About Kenya Moore’s Married Ex-Boyfriend: “He Was Single When He Shot The Show”

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Kenya Moor and Patti Stanger Twitter_RHOA

Extra’s AJ Calloway knows how to get to the heart of a question. Calloway interviews “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore and Patti Stanger on the red carpet during the Bravo Upfronts. He wasted no time getting to the heart of the James Freeman story, I don’t think you will be shocked by their answers to the question. “What’s going on?”

Moore asserts that she is not the first woman to be lied to, she won’t be the last. Classic Kenya, she notes that she is a warrior still in the fight and Life Twirls On.  See what she did there?

“We did the show in November and there’s evidence of me being out, and [having] birthday dinners together. My birthday was at the end of January, so that’s pretty clear, but it is what it is,” Moore explained.

When asked if she was going to continue looking for love, Moore adamantly states that she is.  She notes that sometimes you have to kiss some frogs.  I will go out on a limb and say that I think she tongued a toad, with this one. She confirms for Calloway that she believes, “for sure” that Freeman was dating her and his new wife  at the same time.  The then hopeful Moore was at dinner with Freeman at the end of January to celebrate her birthday.

Stanger’s comments? She maintains that Freeman was single when he shot the show, the pair dated and broke up. She notes that talk show queen, Wendy Williams got it wrong. Freeman did not marry an ex-girlfriend – this wife is someone new.

“He was single when he shot the show which was in November, they basically dated, they broke up, he did not date his old girlfriend and marry her, Wendy Williams got that wrong, he met a new girl in January and he ended up marrying her.”

Game ON bitches! (Said with love)  Despite taking some unnecessary heat:

Patti Stanger Tweets about Kenya_RHOA

Patti Stanger Tweet 2 about Kenya_RHOA

Patti Stanger Tweet 3 about Kenya_RHOA

Patti Stanger Tweet 4 about Kenya_RHOA Patti Stanger Tweet 5 about Kenya_RHOA

Patti Stanger and Kenya Moore are back together in the fight:

Kenya Moor and Patti Stanger Twitter_RHOA

Just one little wrinkle… is this tweeter suggesting that Freeman is NOT a married man? This IS a plot that thickens. Stay tuned.

Kenya Moor and Patti Stanger Twitter_RHOA


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