Heather Thomson Bashes Sonja Morgan: “What Happened to Common Courtesy and Manners”

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Oh sure, Countess Luann wrote the book on etiquette, but The Lady Sonja Morgan is the housewife who puts the book to the test. She may have planned Ramona’s party, but she didn’t plan on the reaction from the other wives to her “no housewives in the house” policy: bad dogs! This week, Heather Thomson reacts to the trip to Atlantic City and to Bethenny’s attempt to bring the Lady Morgan’s feet back to the ground. About waiting in the rain:

“I totally understand running late. I’m usually not the best at being on time, and there never seems to be enough hours for all the things I try to jam into my day. I get it. I don’t like to pick on people about things like this, either. We were all given a time to meet at Sonja’s–10am. She wasn’t ready, and Bethenny was going to be late, too. The kind and hospitable thing to do at this point would have been to invite your guests into your home to wait, not leave them standing in the cold rain for over an hour. What happened to common courtesy and manners?”

I think Sonja’s behavior was understandable. These women all seem to think that they’ve been nothing but loving and kind to Sonja. Am I the only one who remembers the snickering and taunting? I am one who believes that Sonja 1) – exaggerates, but not lies, and 2) – lives too much in the past, as Bethenny pointed out. Sonja was married to a fabulously wealthy man and had an incredible life. Does she talk about it as if all of the glitz and glamour is still going on? Yes, but Heather, Kristen, and Carole have treated Sonja as if she lied about all of it and as if she is clinically insane.

In the highly stressful situations she was in (lawsuit, making alternate arrangements for her daughter), I can understand Sonja not wanting these women in her home. I just wish she’d made alternate arrangements for them.

“I was literally shocked when one of Sonja’s many interns told me “Lady Morgan isn’t receiving guests.” The same “Lady Morgan” who has allowed me to make sure she is able to get home safely is now forcing us to wait in her unheated vestibule. This was insane to me. I also found it very hard to believe Sonja was clueless about the car situation. She was the one who arranged all the details for this trip. Just invite us in, offer me a glass of water, and I would have been happy to wait it out for hours.”

A true friend would have done those thing without humiliating  an individual over those acts of kindness. I think it’s clear why Sonja wouldn’t want to risk having anything in her life or home to be used against her. Even in AC,  Heather accused Sonja of shedding fake tears. A true friend would know her better and would not have made such accusations.

“I also didn’t care that Bethenny was late. I wasn’t mad at all; I would have just appreciated a text. Only Sonja had been given a heads up, and since we were stuck out in the cold, that message wasn’t relayed. Kristen and I both have small children that we like to take to school, as well, but out of respect for the group and everyone’s time, we both made other arrangements this day.”

I believe Heather when she says she wasn’t upset with Bethenny as much as upset by the entire cluster pluck of a situation that morning. I think any mother can understand her point, here.

“All of the lateness debates aside, although I’m not a fan of Bethenny’s deliveries as of late, she did tell Sonja things she needed to hear, and that’s not easy to do. I respect that Bethenny was able to do it. I really just want Sonja to get better, and I think some of her behavior needs to be chalked up to choices. In the end, standing in the rain isn’t as important to me as someone’s health and happiness.”

HA! Heather made a funny! Bethenny’s deliveries? I think she is as equally abrasive as Bethenny… just more passive aggressive and a little more cartoonish in her approach… motherf–kers! I do agree that it was nice that Bethenny tried to help Sonja – in a way that was genuine and less mocking than the others in their so-called attempts. I was impressed with Bethenny’s ability to see that Sonja was reliving a life she would (most likely) never again have with her husband.

Until that episode, I never realized how much they had in common.


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