Felon Update! Teresa Giudice is “Reprioritizing” in Prison ”She’s Going to Emerge Stronger, More Focused”

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Felon update! Teresa Giudice, star of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” is said to be “using her time on the inside to prepare for re-emerging better than ever on the outside.”

Isn’t that special –  timing? Teresa’s attorney, James J. Leonard, recently sat down with E! News to sing the praises of Teresa’s time spent behind bars. Convenient timing since news just broke that Teresa’s husband, Joe was caught sharing a cozy dinner with a mystery woman.

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Is this timely felon update an attempt to deflect from the tarnished image of husband, Joe GiudiceLeonard said that Teresa is,

“Taking care of her body, she’s taking care of her mind. She’s making (sure) her family’s looked after. She’s reprioritizing things in her life.”

Fans of Teresa really want her to “reprioritize” Joe right out of her life, but according to her lawyer

“Tabloid reports that the couple are headed for divorce are completely untrue.”

Teresa will be out of FCI Danbury in time for Christmas with the family, according to Leonard, but under home confinement until February.

What is his prediction on Teresa’s state of mind when she’s released from prison? “I think she’s going to emerge stronger, more focused,” Leonard said. “She’s getting back in touch with her faith. She’s spending a lot of time praying in there and I think the Teresa that comes out of prison is going to wow people.”

Prepare to be wowed, people. Since Teresa is almost at the halfway point of her prison sentence, her lawyer spoke about the potential plans she is making upon her release.

“Being with her children, being with her family, being with Joe…and then kind of getting back into whatever she’s going to get back into,” Leonard explained. “If that’s television, if it’s different projects, if it’s getting involved with a restaurant, etc.—there are so many opportunities that she has.”

The part about “being with Joe” will be limited since the judge staggered the couple’s fraud sentences (so one parent would be there for the four girls!) and will be departing to prison shortly after Teresa’s release.

“I think she’s going to take it one day at a time, but her focus is, ‘I want to get back to my freedom, I want to get back to my husband, I want to get back to my parents, my children, and then kind of take it as it goes.’ But I expect that you’ll be seeing her shortly after she comes home.”

We expect that, too, and are pretty sure the Andy Cohen exclusive interview is already in the works. Teresa’s attorney also spoke about her Mother’s Day visit at Danbury with her kids and her own mom “and it was great for her to be with them,” Leonard said. “I know she’s anxious to come home and join them…It’s a one day at a time thing and there’s brighter days ahead…She’s counting down the days.”

According to Leonard, the hardest part of any visit for Teresa is saying goodbye.


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