NeNe Left Us! Sister of NeNe Leakes Disputes Abandonment Tale “She Turned Her Back on Our Mom”

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Since Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore have never had a disagreement which would explain NeNe’s alternating dismissive and aggressive behavior toward the “star of the show” –  as Leakes has called Moore; you have to wonder if Kenya’s biggest sin is that she shares a name with the other “Kenya” in NeNe’s life. Yes, that Kenya, NeNe’s sister, Kendall Kenya Sherman.  

Sherman, who never shies away from putting NeNe’s business on blast (or setting the record straight, whichever you choose), is back and is ready to do battle with her big sister over their mother’s memory – or at least NeNe’s portrayal of their mother.


Sherman first became known to “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans when she claimed that her sister NeNe should never tell another woman to “keep her legs closed to married men” as she alleges that Gregg was still married when he and NeNe met at the strip club where NeNe danced:


Keep in mind that the interview spills a lot of tea that is consistent with the reaction Sherman is currently having over part three of the RHOA reunion. Between the interview above and the tweets below, Sherman is challenging fans to consider whether the breakdown is real, exaggerated, or completely bogus. What do you think, AATT readers?

All About The Tea_Nene Leakes sister tweet_RHOA 1

As stated in the interview above and now this tweet, Ms. Sherman is alleging that her family did not have difficult financial times and that it was NeNe who requested to leave and move in with her Georgia family. I don’t know how old Ms. Sherman was at that time or whether she and/or NeNe were fully aware of what the family dynamics were, but Sherman has now twice stated that it was NeNe who asked to leave, not that she forced to go.

All About The Tea_Nene Leakes sister tweet_RHOA 2Does she believe that Gregg is ignorant of what she calls the truth, or does she think they are in it together to try to sell the audience a story that garners sympathy for Leakes?

Nene Leakes sister tweets_RHOA 3

Fans have been commenting on the same – that NeNe, who has had zero sympathy for Kenya Moore and her mother issues has now found (relatively) common ground. Sherman’s anger appears to be real. What is the truth behind this story?  What made Leakes suddenly so vulnerable?

I agree with Sherman that NeNe is “messy,” but is she messy enough to create a dramatic backstory to try to win fans back? I certainly hope not. Since I don’t think NeNe is a credible actress at all, I have to wonder if her story is either real, or at least a story she believes is real. I can’t see her pulling this off with an acting skill she doesn’t have.

Whatever the case, Kendall Sherman has a story to tell. What do you think, readers, is it a story worth listening to?


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