Joe Giudice’s Side Chick Revealed & Gia Tasked With Telling Mom About Dad’s Cheating

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Gia Giudice is stuck in the middle of a family crisis, an all too familiar victim of a parent’s terrible choices. As we reported earlier this week, her father Joe, was spotted at a restaurant with another woman, while his wife Teresa Giudice, counts down the long hours in the slammer. Radar Online is reporting that the teen is planning to break the seedy news to her mother, during a scheduled prison phone call to the former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star.

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Photos were blasted all over the internet of the apparent undercover dinner date, where Joe was nailed with his alleged side piece, more than 30 miles away from the family’s Montville, NJ home. 

Joe Giudice cheating_RHONJJoe Giudice and mystery woman on a double date in Newark, NJ

A Giudice insider asserts that Gia’s plan to spill the tea to Teresa, is a done deal.

“Gia is on the Internet 24/7, and has a smart phone, and will have definitely seen the pictures of her dad with another woman. There is no doubt whatsoever that Gia will tell Teresa about it during their scheduled phone call, or via email. Teresa doesn’t have access to the Internet but inmates will have also heard about it from friends and family.”

“Teresa is absolutely powerless to do anything, obviously because she is locked up,” the source said. “Phone time is only available during scheduled times. For Gia to be put in the middle of her parent’s drama is just sad. Teresa will grill Gia about Joe’s whereabouts, and if she has witnessed anything suspicious.”

An updated report reveals that the woman seen with Joe that night is allegedly Samary Graulau, an employee of a strip club, located roughly 45 minutes from from the Giudice home.

Joe Giudice Mistress_RHONJ

Graulau is described as a 27-year old bartender, who rakes in the singles slinging drinks in skimpy attire, including bustiers, booty shorts and fishnets. 

Joe Giudice Mistress_RHONJ

Joe Giudice Mistress_RHONJ

The eyewitness to the dinnertime tryst, Stephanie Palacios, claims that the vibe between the pair was much more than friendly.

“Teresa should be upset,” Palacios said. “You can tell if someone is just a friend, but it wasn’t like that. They had chemistry. They were a couple.”

A mother in prison, coupled with a cheating father, adds up to a raw deal for the kids. Evidently, Gia is braced to take the hit, in order keep her mom in the know, even while behind bars.


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