Countess LuAnn de Lesseps Talks Sonja Morgan, Her Unusual Tweets and RHONY Drama on #WWHL

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Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

The Real Housewives of New York” star, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, appeared on “Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night, to dish on the big city drama, and answer viewer questions. Host Andy Cohen kicked things off by playing an embarrassing clip of the then sloshed co-star, Sonja Morgan, flashing the Bravo audience.  LuAnn was seen attempting to shield her, and also dealing with her predictable affectionate advances.  LuAnn joked,

“She made out with my shoulder because she couldn’t reach my head,” But Sonja loves me and I love Sonja.”

Andy asked for LuAnn’s reaction to Bethenny’s genuine attempts to reach out and help Sonja.

“She did. I thought that was a very touching scene. Bethenny came new to the show this season, so she hasn’t been around Sonja, so it was a fresh set of eyes. So Bethenny was like, ‘I’m gonna get in there and I’m gonna take care of business,’ and we’re all like, ‘You go for it!’ Good luck with that. We all want the best for Sonja.”


Andy finally hit the hot social media button when he asked LuAnn about her feud with Carole Radziwill, and her unusually loud voice on Twitter.

“Here’s the thing. Adam and my niece were still seeing each other and were planning a trip together.” “Let’s put it this way,”LuAnn replied. “Noel had a birthday in September and we were starting to film into the season and they came together, so need I say more?”

Andy brought up one specific tweet, asserting that it didn’t sound like a shot that LuAnn would take.

“That was mean,” the Countess admitted. “I felt bad about that. I was on a rant. My niece and I are really tight and this has been really upsetting for me, because she was so upset. It’s caused a lot of friction for me and my family. That’s why I was really upset and I went overboard and at this point I really just want to move on, Carole. Ok? Can we move on?”


Andy claimed that he didn’t realize just how bad the feud had gotten, and LuAnn responded, by spilling that the whole story has yet to be revealed.

“It’s family first of all,” LuAnn explained, “Then something happens later on down the road on our trip to Turks and Caicos to be specific. There’s a lot of anger there. It’s not just about my niece.”

Viewer call-in questions were up next, with the first caller asking what LuAnn’s reaction was to Sonja shutting the other women out of her home, in the rain.

“It just sounded so not like Sonja and I just thought with all of her assistants somebody could’ve let them in for a cup of tea,” she joked.

The next viewer asked about Carole’s claim that LuAnn was using a ghost tweeter this season.

“No that’s actually me,” she admits. “Obviously I have help with Twitter because I have a lot of fans and a lot of people have people that help, but everything that goes out on my Twitter is mine. My words, nothing goes out without my approval.”

The Countess was then asked if she felt insulted by Carole pointing out the obvious, that she comes from Connecticut, and cannot claim to be European.

“She says that I’m not a European because I’m from Connecticut, which is true, I know, thank you very much Carole Radziwill,” LuAnn shot back. “Of course I’m from Connecticut but I lived in Europe for a long time. That’s why Bethenny refers to my hair. Bethenny actually knows a lot about my past and who I am, unlike Carole.”

The last caller question asked LuAnn if she believed that Bethenny has been harsh, when dealing with some of the ladies.

“Bethenny is very opinionated and can tend to come off a little harsh,” she said. “I think she means well and when you’re not used to her I see how you could feel that way, but I know her so well I don’t feel as strongly as some people do. She tells like it is.”

It looks like the LuAnn vs Cougar Carole fun is far from over….let the drama continue!


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